Makeover - When Rock My Style Came To Visit

May 18, 2015

Hello! I'm back in Blighty, although apologise in advance for another quiet week on the blog front. I have a crazy busy week with three days in London for wedding events for SYGM, my Dad's 50th birthday and that's before I've even unpacked, done some washing or started sorting out my photos! But from next week it will be back to normal and I can't wait to share our Mauritius trip. Such a dream. Anyway for today I thought I'd share some insight into the Rock my Style feature on our house that I was so thrilled to be a part of and I really love the photos compared to the Ideal Home feature.
I've been a fan of Rock My Style since it launched, it's the sister blog to Rock My Wedding {although obviously I only ready So You're Getting Married} and it has a real mix of everything from interiors to health to travel to careers. That's what I love about blogs, the range of topics and just dipping in and out for a read every evening, or mid afternoon instead of monthly magazines. They're topical too and free!

One of Rock my Style's most popular posts are home tours {everyone loves a nose and a bit of interiors inspiration} so I was truly flattered to be featured. Compared to Ideal Home it was so relaxed and informal, and more importantly I didn't have to stand with a cheesy cringey grin in the shots! Plus all of the team are super lovely, I had arranged it with Lauren who heads the interior section of the blog but it was Adam who came to take the photos and Charlotte who helped choose what to shoot.

Unlike Ideal Home who turned up with suitcases full of props that they wanted to stage in the shots, Rock My Style were interested in our house as it was and didn't have to move anything around which was nice. I really love the photos which capture our home better than I ever could and feel that the photos reflect our home and living perfectly compared to Ideal Home's being all a bit false. There are lots of detail shots and photos of every room {apart from the downstairs cloakroom and hallway}. It helped that it was a sunny April afternoon compared to Ideal Home in the winter. And I was really pleased that our garden could be involved this time.

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen my shots of our house a million times before from similar angles so I liked seeing Adam's perspective on shooting our house.

We were overwhelmed with all of the crazy lovely comments and response to it so thank you so much for everyone's words. Ben and I read them all from Mauritius!

A few behinds the scenes photos -

And a few of my favourite shots from the feature, all by Adam Crohill and can be found here.

Lots more photos and a big write up over on Rock My Style here.

Thanks so much for having us RMS! And a huge thank you again to Adam for the beautiful photography.

R <3 xx

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  1. Thanks so much for letting team RMS invade your home! We don't think we've ever had such incredible feedback on one of our home tours.
    Looking forward to swapping houses very soon ;)


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