DIY - Creating a Vintage Mirror Wall

July 29, 2016

I've had a bit of a thing for vintage, frame-less mirrors for a while now. Pinterest probably started it off and a few years back, in our old house, we started to collect them from boot-sales {one cost me just £2!!} and antique/junk shops local to us. There are new copies of older mirrors appearing in shops which look pretty good if you can't find the original vintage ones but to add a bit more character we love the real deals in all different shapes and sizes, with a chain to hang them from a screw. We had a couple spread across our old house, that round mirror in the middle was in our downstairs toilet and the two on the right were in our spare room {here}. When we found out that we were moving, we set about collecting a few more to create a proper display. The tall oval one on the left is my ultimate favourite, and cost £35, I love the scalloped edging on it and the pretty bevel. 

We'd originally planned to make a mirror wall in the hallway. But on, almost, finishing the lounge we realised that the big plain wall above the console table needed something. A picture would be too busy with a display of various bits underneath so a mirror wall it was!

We started by arranging the mirrors we had on the floor. We've got 7 in total but after faffing around with the layout and measuring the space on the wall we decided that 4 would look best for maximum impact without being too messy.

Accidental selfie. Hellooo through the looking glass.

We measured the gaps in between them, working out how they would hang with the length of their chains and then took the plunge to start drilling into our freshly painted walls! I've been pretty indecisive so far about putting anything up but with these mirrors I realised that we just needed to take the plunge. If we change our minds later on we can always fill the holes in. 

I don't go anywhere near the power tools, I let Ben do all the real DIY stuff. But he's told me that it's as simple as marking out on the wall where you want your screw to go, drilling a hole for a rawplug and then adding your screw. If you don't want dust all over the floor whilst you're doing it then hold a hoover underneath where you're drilling at the same time to suck all the dust away.

If you're using the chains on the mirror to hang it then you'll want the screw to stick out of the wall slightly to hold it. We just used regular black screws for these as their chains are dark but we've bought a couple of little copper mirrors to go in our bedroom which we've sprayed the screws copper for to blend in more {post on this coming soon!}.

When the first couple were up, Ben remeasured to check where the last mirror would go, leaving an equidistant on either side. 

Et voila. That's pretty much it. They're a real feature in the lounge now without being too bold or brightly coloured. I'd have found it hard to find artwork that could have sat on that wall so I feel that mirrors are a good option. We're yet to decide what to put on the fireplace. And I really need to organise the console table and find some lamps to go on it. I've just dumped some frames on there for now to move them out the way. We're not far off finishing this room so I'll be back with a blog post and more photos of it all soon. We still haven't unwrapped our sofas yet!

As always, if you have any questions let me know. Have you got any mirrors like these?

R <3 xx

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