Bonjour! {back properly soon..}

July 20, 2016

Bonjour! If you've followed my photos on Instagram you'll have seen that we've just got back from a little trip to France.
We went to the Ile de Re and oh my gosh it was beaut-iful. So so gorgeous. In fact we declared it as one of the best holidays we have ever had, and it's only an hour away from London! {post on that coming sometime soon}. I'm well aware that this blog has been a bit neglected as of late. You and I have a lot to catch up on. But now I'm back I want to get my photos sorted, er - as well as the rest of my life! No more holidays for a while. I'm also in the middle of unpacking boxes for the new house and desperately trying to get it to a semi-finished state so that we can move in sometime next week. So bear with me but I will be back properly soon! P.S. Are you loving this heatwave?? Summer at last!

P.S. had a little trip to Kempton before we went to France and I was drawn to these shutters that are now sitting in the lounge. I think it was partly down to the fact that we were going to see sooo many gorgeous shutters in the pretty villages in the Ile de Re so I thought I might as well buy them when I could get them home with me rather than crying about the fact Ryanair wouldn't ship them home. Anyway, I'm in love! No idea where they're going to end up yet or if we'll use them for anything other than display. The lounge is almost finished. Full house update coming soon, once we've got through the unpacking chaos!

and some garden pretties to brighten up your day. I love this time of year for blooms.

R <3 xx 

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