Happy Weekend #27

July 08, 2016

Hello to the weekend! Shamefully the last time I wrote one of these Friday posts was on week #11, the day that we exchanged on the house. It's now #27!! I've got out of the routine of writing these weekend updates and posting regular photos, with all the chaos of the house renovations and with some travel thrown in, Friday's haven't really felt like Friday's for a while. But anyway, how have you been? For me this week has gone by in a flash. 
Since getting back from America last weekend {I'm in the middle of writing the travel posts for it now, up soon!}, I've had so much work to catch up on. A week is easy to catch up but two weeks really feels like a long time to be out of the loop. So after our anniversary on Sunday , Monday was spent writing emails, emails, emails. Luckily with jet lag I was wide awake by 5am, up running by 6 and on my computer by 7.30 feeling super productive. We had a decorator in at the house finishing the bathroom off and then Ben started on a list of jobs we put together before we can move in. By lunchtime I was driving around to three different Homebase stores trying to find shelves to match ones we had already bought, which typically were now discontinued! By mid afternoon I was seriously flagging so Murray's Wimbledon match couldn't have been at a better time.

On Tuesday, the curtain and wardrobe poles went up at the house, I got back into pilates after two weeks off and then spent the afternoon in London {via yet another different homebase store for the last 2 shelves!} for SYGM events. Christmas in July press days takes some getting used to {when it's hot outside and you walk into Christmas music playing and the smell of winter} but they're super fun. I lost one of my beloved pearl earrings in the sea in Hawaii so was walking around with only one earring for about three days, not a good look. I've had them for about 7 years, Ben bought them for me for my 17th Birthday so it was sentimental as much as anything. I literally wear them every single day and I feel so naked without them so decided to buy myself another pair whilst I was near Tiffany but have told myself never to wear them in the sea again {!!}. I then rushed back from town to spend the evening with friends celebrating Katie's Birthday.

The garden's gone wild! 

Wednesday was an early start spinning followed by whole day spent at the house trying to get organised, we had my brother and his friend in doing some labouring work for us and they were a godsend. We shifted loads of boxes around - when we moved in we got the removal men to dump them in 2 rooms so that we'd have space to renovate the other rooms, a good idea in principle but when it comes to trying to unpack and you're faced with a room piled high with boxes, it takes a lot of muscle and rearranging to get them spread around to the right places. The day was like a jigsaw puzzle, we had to move baths around to make room for beds to move to then make room for boxes etc etc. But I felt like a lot of progress was made. Then it was another Murray match woop and a late reformer pilates class. I've been going for 11 months now and can't believe the difference that it's made to me both physically and mentally as well as making me stronger and fingers crossed less prone to injury. 

Yesterday again we had the boys working so I spent some of the day at the house and unpacked my first box, hooray! Such a victory after months of decorating. I visited a new baby, super cute and then went into London for another evening of events. Sparkly rings this time, I'm such a magpie.

It was also Riley's Birthday! 6 years old but still my beloved pup. We baked him these Pawbake biscuits to celebrate. Such a cute idea, I think, to have baking kits for pets. This is the biscuit set but there's a cupcake one I want to try next. My pup made it onto their Facebook and Instagram page!

And today is Friday. I'm exhausted after too many late nights and early mornings so I'm looking forward to a slower weekend with Ben. I've hardly seen him for more than 5 minutes this week. We'll have a lay in {please let me sleep later than 6am!!}, watch Wimbledon, go to the allotment to see what's ready for picking, hopefully go for a walk through the fields and do some more at the house. I don't want to unpack too fast and get everywhere in chaos, I want to really think about what I do actually want out for now. After living out of three suitcases for three months, I've realised that we really don't need as much stuff around. Well, apart from the Diptyques of course...

Blog posts on our trip to Cali and Hawaii to come as well as a house update on things like putting up curtains and shelves as requested.

Have a lovely weekend! 

R <3 xx

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