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September 16, 2015

{Part two of this little Corfu travelogue. See Part 1 here}. After a couple of days of relaxing at the villa, we were itching to explore Northern Corfu. SJ Villas had left us a pretty good guide on the best things to see and do/eat at which we followed and were not disappointed with any of their recommendations. But I also did some googling and research before we left. 

The best way to see all the beaches and hidden bays is by boat, a lot of the bays are inaccessible by driving {or even walking!}. So we hired a little motor boat from Agni boats for the day, and after a quick lesson we were off. Ben skippered us, we first went to the north, mooring up at any places that took our fancy. And then stopped off at a taverna for lunch before getting back out on the water again for an afternoon of just bobbing around and sunbathing. It was so much fun and the perfect way to see all of the beaches. The water was so crystal clear!! Agni, where we rented the boat from had three very good restaurants. And a gorgeous little bay with a beach, jettys and boats. The restaurants all have sun loungers so you can have lunch and then spend the afternoon at the beach. 

The colour of the water out there was incredible, we couldn't stop looking at it thinking wow wow wow. So nice to swim in too. Nearly all of the beaches on this part of the island are pebbly but actually it's quite nice not to get all sandy. There are so many little bays and mini towns to discover.


The best ice cream and frozen yogurt. Take me back just for this!!

In the evenings, we'd go out to a taverna at a different bay each time. The first was Agios St Stefanos. One of the more upmarket, larger bays in the area with a small beach, a good few restaurants to choose from, little gift shops and a couple of mini supermarkets. We ate at Eucalyptus here, right next to the water, the food was delicious.

Compulsory Greek salad with every dinner, we were addicted! In fact all of the food we had in Greece was so, so good. The best figs we've ever eaten, greek yogurt and honey, pastries, olives, fried courgettes, fish, the list goes on!

One of my favourite evenings was when our dinner down at the Harbour, again another place we'd spotted from our day on the boat. We're not normally good at selfies, but I quite like these photos of us. It was a gorgeous little working fishing harbour with just one restaurant and a couple of very Greek, pretty houses. The food, again was incredible. We shared a greek salad {of course}, crispy fried courgettes, seabass, and a King prawn risotto whilst watching the fishing boats bobbing around on the water.

How pretty is this bay, with it's gorgeous jettys.

I fell in love with this little Greek house down at the harbour.

The weather was hot {30 degrees} and sunny for all but one of the days on which we had a crazy storm through the night. It sounded like a hurricane and then lightening hit the house with a huge spark, scary! Luckily the only thing that was damaged was the wifi for a day but it was an experience to say the least! After the storm, we used a slightly overcast morning to explore Corfu Old Town, a UNESCO world heritage centre that was built by The Venetians. There were narrow alleyways and streets upon streets of old buildings, perfectly imperfect, with wooden shutters and big doorways. It was like a maze but we were happy to just wander. There's water around the outside of the city and boats, on clear days the sea is just as beautiful there as it was on the north of the island. It's best to go early in the day, or later, to avoid the cruise ship crowds. I bet it would be pretty at night too.

The food market in the old town was bursting with fresh produce and fish. 

On our last night, we had booked dinner at The White House Taverna. It was Gerald Durrell's old house from the book My Family and Other Animals, I loved that book. The house has now been turned into a restaurant downstairs and apartments upstairs, but regardless of this, it was the very best dinner and also the most reasonable from the week. It's at one end of Kalami Bay, a lovely beach but the most spoilt out of everywhere we went with a big hotel etc. We ate dinner next to the water and watched the sky turned pink as the sun started to set. You don't get to see the sun go down on this side of the island but still get pretty skies. 

And then it was time to pack up and head home :( cue the sad, sad faces. Before our trip, I'd planned on us getting a boat from Corfu to Paxos and Anti Paxos for the day, something I was keen on doing as the beaches are meant to be even more beautiful than where we had been. But once we were there, we were more than happy to relax and enjoy the villa and local beaches. Maybe next time or if we had longer. The magical week just flew by, and we were so sad to head home. That's part of why I love writing these travel blog posts so much, to look back and remember it all again. A truly amazing island and week. Same time next year?!! 

R <3 xx 

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