Happy Weekend #39

September 25, 2015

{Officially Autumn now which means wellies and snuggly tartan scarves are back!}
Hello to the weekend. We've been down in Cornwall this week {I was on a press trip for So You're Getting Married} and got back yesterday so Friday has come around super fast. I'll be blogging about the trip over the next couple of weeks on both SYGM and here. How has your week been? Ours was all boats and beaches at the start of the week, I do love Cornwall. But since we've been back, it's nice to get into Autumn again. Cornwall doesn't really 'do' seasons. This weather is gorgeous though and looks like it's going on for the next week! Happy autumn sunny, sunny days. Hope you have a good weekend, I'll be back blogging properly on here very soon {these past few weeks with going away a lot take their toll on my spare time}. In the mean time, this weekend I have eight of my best friends coming over for a dinner party tomorrow night. We take it in turns to host. So I'm busy getting sorted for that {just making two biggg lasagnes, one meat, one veggie with a green salad and then some yummy puds. Sticky toffee and planning to use these pears for a chocolate pudding.} and also it's our Nephew's 4th Birthday and there's a family gathering on my side of the family. Busy busy but hopefully we'll get some chill out time too, if it's cold enough we might even light our first fire of the year. Catch up again soon, R <3 xx

{September's pickings. Apples and pears for baking with}
{We were lucky with the weather in Cornwall and bought the sunshine home with us}
{Blue skies and pretty anemones}
{Sunny St Ives, my favourite place in Cornwall}
{Using the dining room for the first time in months after BBQ season}
{Autumn leaves. The colours are a changin!}

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