Sunbury Antiques Market at Kempton Racecourse {a recent visit}

September 29, 2015

Sunbury Antiques Market, at Kempton Park Racecourse, is one of my favourite places to shop for vintage treasure and new finds for our house and garden. I first posted about Kempton back in January {here} with my general tips and advice. But it's the one place that I still get asked about most on Instagram so I thought I'd share some more photos and info of a recent visit. Our house is pretty much full up with furniture now {and our garden with galvanised tubs!} so until we move home at some stage then we won't need any big items. But I can never resist a visit when I have a Tuesday morning free, and there will always room for a marmalade jar or two... If you want to go then read my original post first, and then this one for some more temptation!

Pretty Dahlias. Fresh flowers aren't there all year round so it was a pleasant surprise to see these pretties.

Before this visit I already had two of these old Dundee jars but these were such bargains that I couldn't resist buying some more to add to my collection. They're perfect for displaying flowers {or dried hydrangeas like these} and I just love their look. There's always a guy there selling loads, he gets them out of landfill sites. Prices vary but I got 3 for £18 which I thought was pretty good. 

I've been after a big glass vase for a while now to sit on my kitchen island or dining table with big floral displays in. These Hungarian ones were £10 each. 

Sellers come over from France and Belgium so there's always interesting finds. I bought an old baking tin that now sits on our kitchen shelf. If we had a bigger house I'd just buy everything, the prices are so reasonable, but we just can't fit much more in!

I'm mad about antlers at the moment as we head into Autumn. Some people don't like them, I get that, they are real and I won't get into a battle about animal cruelty as these are years old and would have died from natural causes. But they look so fab on the wall and such a bargain at £5 each!! 

I always go to Kempton saying I won't buy anything galvanised this time. What happened? Of course I bought a watering can and a bucket. If they're cheap then I can't turn them down. I also got the wire trug for bringing allotment produce home.

So worth the early start! Get there for 6.30am if you can. You won't come home disappointed!

Have you been?

R <3 xx 

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  1. Looks great! Love everyting you bougtht....!

  2. Your purchases look like great value, it's a bit far for us to go to so might have to find so ething similar in the south west!

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