Happy 2 Years to us ♥

July 04, 2016

Can somebody please tell me where the last two years have gone to? Time really does fly when you're having fun. Yesterday we celebrated {albeit a bit jet lagged} our second wedding anniversary and I'm shocked at just how long ago it feels already. Last year on our first anniversary I shared my favourite parts of our wedding day here, and talked about how it felt to be married here

We celebrated with cards we'd bought in California and although the tradition goes that you should buy a cotton themed present, Ben surprised me with a rose gold heart ring that I'd been swooning over for a while. It was bad timing this year with the house in the middle of works, with getting back from our trip to America with my family the day before so were pretty tired and after two weeks of lots of eating and drinking, didn't want to go out for a big lunch or dinner. So we ended up with an impromptu picnic in the glorious English sunshine, eating cherries and macaroons from M&S. The afternoon was spent on house stuff, trailing round shops for curtain poles and shelves - alll the glamour but we can't wait to have a house again! We watched our wedding video {pssst, password is Sterling if you're in a film watching mood} and looked over some photos.

We've booked a few days in France to belatedly celebrate on our own in a couple of weeks time. So despite the slight bad timing, here's to two years of being married, the best two years so far. To quote from our wedding day, 'To, have and to hold, let's go and grow old because our love is a wonderful thing ♥'

A few photos, but loads loads more here if you'd like to see and the whole wedding series with all the DIY bits and planning here

And in other news, hello I'm back! I'll share some of the photos from our trip this week if I get a chance and then hopefully another house update very soon. I want to start unpacking a few boxes by next weekend.

R <3 xx

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