Happy Weekend #33

August 14, 2015

{From just a couple of packets of seeds I have an allotment full of flowers to cut!}
Hello to Friday, I thought it was about time I started numbering these Weekend Posts seeing as there are rather a lot of them now. We're week 33 out of the 53 this year. I always thought there were 52 weeks? Must be the way that New Year falls or something.
Anyway, Friyay. Bit of a grey, damp one. I've just got back from a long dog walk with my Auntie by the Chess Valley, it was gorgeous but felt like November rather than August. Have you had a good week though? I went to Kempton on Tuesday which is always a favourite for treasure hunting. And I've had a huge clear out, literally gone through every cupboard of the house just wanting rid of the clutter. I like it when I get into that mood, there's no stopping me. I now have a huge pile of stuff ready to sell at a Car Boot Sale tomorrow. I've taken a load to the charity shop and whatever doesn't sell will also end up there. My Mum is doing it with me, I don't think I could cope doing it on my own with everyone crowding around and bartering you down. But it should be quite fun at the same time. Then on Sunday Ben and I are off to Rye and Camber Sands for a couple of days, I can't wait now and thankfully the weather looks so much better for the weekend. Next week I'll be sharing our DIY chalkboard wall and a post on our trip to Mersea Island last weekend. Enjoy beauties. R <3 xx

{Finally got round to finishing our mirror wall in the spare room}
{Blooms and vintage treasure at Kempton on Tuesday}
{Cake in the garden last weekend}
{Miss these blue skies and bunting. Taken in Mersea Island last Sunday}
{Prettiest beach huts in Mersea Island, more on the blog next week}
{Yay for a new chalkboard wall, DIY tutorial on Monday}
{Mumma's garden looking pretty}
{Bathtime made better with these treats}
{Can never have too many antlers, right?!}
{Rainy days call for Bake Off and Candles}

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