August 07, 2015

I feel like a bad blogger writing this weekend post when I wanted to get a few other posts up this week, time has run away with the fairies it seems. Maybe that and the fact we've had glorious sunny days to distract me... Anyway Happy Friday. This weekend looks like it will be a hot one! What do you have planned? I'm trying to catch up on work, cut the grass and bake a cake today before my Auntie and Grandparents pop over tomorrow afternoon, then we're off to a BBQ tomorrow evening and possibly going out for a picnic on Sunday. Trying to soak up the last few weeks of summer while they last. Did you have a good week? I'm always in two minds on whether to carry this blog on, I do love it when I have the time but quite frankly there's never enough of it around. Maybe when the Winter rolls around again I'll be on my laptop more. I like looking back on photos though so here's a few favourites from this week..
p.s check out So You're Getting Married later on today for the exciting new rebrand that's going live! You can find me over there next week with a couple of travel posts.

Have a good one!

R <3 xx 

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  1. Absolutely love your blog! Such gorgeous photos and a real mix of home decor, travel and recipes. Please don't stop! You're doing a great job :-) xx

  2. I agree! It must be hard to have time for this blog as well as your work but it's so lovely to read! X

  3. Definitely my favourite blog and so many good ideas on here.x

  4. Love your blog too. Keep it up, it's a great mix of food, home & travel x


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