Happy Weekend #34

August 21, 2015

Hello to the weekend, although it doesn't really feel like a Friday. I think it was the long weekend that threw us, it's been a short week after our trip to Rye last weekend {which was so so heavenly, will try and blog it for next week}. What have you got planned for the next few days? It's meant to be a scorcher, kind of feels weird now it's the end of August almost and the nights are drawing in. I'm not complaining though, always love the sunshine. We're trying to think of somewhere nice to go for the day tomorrow to enjoy the weather, and I've just been out to buy BBQ food! It's Ben's Birthday next week so I need to finish sorting his presents out this weekend. We're also going to hopefully finalize decisions on a new car, which I'm so excited for! But who knew how many choices there are, petrol v diesel, automatic v manual and don't even get me started on the colours! Enjoy the sunshine, R <3 xx

{Hydrangea love, obsessed with them right now}
{Sunshine and flower in the kitchen}
{The prettiest, and oldest, street in Rye. Will share more next week}
{How is this England? Camber was so ridiculously beautiful} 
{Not quite the end of summer yet!}
{Pretty meadows and blue skies}
{Garden pickings and an old marmalade jar, simple pleasures}
{Take me back to last weekend!}
{Rye wins the contest for the prettiest houses and doortraits}
{Fresh raspberries from the allotment everyday at the moment!}

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  1. Enjoy your BBQ tonight and have a wonderful weekend!


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