Happy {Long} Weekend #35

August 28, 2015

{Blackberry picking and a new favourite candle ready for September}
Yay for Bank Holidays. And Mr Sunshine is back today, although there was definitely a change in the air early this morning with the first mist and dew on the ground. September next week, where is this year going to? Have you had a good few days? This little blog is now 1! A whole year of blogging. I'll be writing a little round-up post on that soon. And next week will share some photos from Ben's Birthday with our evening in London and a trip up to the Sky Garden. What have you got planned for this long weekend? I'm off to a friend's this evening, she's hosting a dinner party for all us girls and cooking up a storm! And then tomorrow Ben's Mum is hosting a BBQ, a kind of bon-voyage party as she's off to France for the next five weeks. So I've baked some beetroot brownies for it this afternoon. Sunday looks rather rainy again so I'm aiming to start packing, sort out my camera and kindle etc as we're off to Corfu next weekend {I really can't wait now although feel like I can't even think about Autumn until we're back home from that} then my Mumma is cooking us a roast. And Monday will be a day for garden and allotment jobs I think, need to cut all of our lavender back and the hedge in the back garden, fun fun! Almost time to start thinking about bulb planting ready for next Spring, I'll write some new garden update posts soon. And as always, any requests just let me know. I've had one for drying hydrangeas which I'll get round to soon. 

Enjoy the sunshine and three day weekend! 

R <3 xx

{I do love London, this was taken from the Oxo Tower at Ben's Birthday dinner on Tuesday}
{A growing marmalade jar collection with flowers from the garden and allotment}
{Pretty City London, Richmond on that boiling hot Saturday last weekend}
{Coral Charm peonies from a Columbia Road Flower Market trip last Sunday}
{Pink blooms and a peachy door}
{Last Friday night's impromptu dinner date picnic to make the most of the sunshine}
{National Dog Day this week, I love this pup}
{A rare rainy day lay-in on Wednesday, it rained so so much this week}
{Peachy doortraits}
{The fields have all changed from green to gold ready for harvesting. Oh summer why do you have to leave us?}

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