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May 18, 2020

Hello! Gah, I've been a bad blogger recently - I'm sorry for you long term readers although I'm guessing that you're all mainly on Instagram these days which has kind of taken over?
 I'm not sure whether to blame the global pandemic or the fact I have a 10 month old baby who is realllly on the move now {you need eyes in the back of your head at all times when she's awake and then when she naps, I have to try to fit the rest of my life into those little windows} I have battles with myself weekly for my want for writing posts on here, I LOVE this space but equally there’s just no time. Despite the fact that we're in lockdown, or indeed we have been for the past 2 months, there’s been less time than I expected? No sourdough projects over here, just trying to keep a bub entertained! Although we have been loving our garden and allotment growing more than ever. After talking to friends with older children and blogs, they all agreed that in however many years time won’t look back and wished we’d blogged more but would have wanted to just enjoy this time whilst she’s little that we'll never get again. And also I think in this Corona Rollercoaster of emotions it’s just about doing what you can to stay sane, it's such unprecedented times for us all so it's not always a time for striving to achieve all of these wonderfully organised cupboards, it’s sometimes about just keeping afloat. Anyway, I can often still be found spending too much time on Instagram - photos are still my thing - but when I answer things on my stories, or indeed my feed, it can be hard for people to go back to and so I've decided that writing a few posts here and there for things people ask a lot might be easier to reference. This one was requested by a few mama's on Instagram recently, one of which who’s baby is 1 in a week! So it spurred me on to get something online fast. And actually I heard a phrase on a podcast recently re ‘done is better than perfect’ which can often hold people back

Anyway enough waffling, on with the first birthday ideas if that’s what you’re here for. And maybe, just maybe, you'll be reading this in the future when corona will be a distant memory and we'll all be thinking 'oh gosh do you remember that crazy time?!'. Let's hope so anyway <3. Sending lots of love to you all! And promise to try to write more posts soon including one for presents for new parents/babies?


Ok, so Freya will be one at the start of July and although I really don't ever want to wish the time away, I'm SO excited for her birthday. It's been something lovely to think about and focus on during this pretty bleak time, and although we have no idea whether we'll be allowed to celebrate with anyone other than the three of us, I still want to celebrate it and get her a cake/some balloons and decorations because she'll only be one once. That first birthday feels incredibly special, not least because you've kept a baby alive for a whole year! But also because they've changed SO much from being a tiny dependent sleepy newborn to this incredible tiny person! That being said, we all know that babies/one year olds really don’t need anything. Don’t fall down the trap of thinking you must get something big because it's really all for us and not them at this age.

I want any presents that Freya does get, from us, or kind friends/willing grandparents to be something that she'll get lots of use out of over the years to come rather than something that will be expensive and short lived.

Some ideas which we've asked for; {a couple of these are affiliate links but with the exception of the pram/dolls house which were from previous partnerships, it's all stuff I've organically thought of or are buying ourselves FYI}

- A big Grimm’s wooden rainbow for lots of creative play over the years. My friend's little boy is almost 2 and uses his almost everyday as an animal slide which is really cute. Coloured version here , natural wood version here
This website also has lots of gorgeous Grimm's products and our favourite wooden blocks which would also make gorgeous long lasting presents.

- A teepee, I love this one by the Little Greene Sheep - only available for pre-order on their site but my Mum found it on Scandiborn here in stock for a bit more money but you then get 10% off as a new customer. Cute for indoors or outside and cosy stories.

-A Zoo pass or something to look forward to when this is all over for lots of fun days out.

- Play kitchen. Ben and I ordered a play kitchen from Ikea the other day and are excited to hack it. There are so many amazing ideas out there for making it your own. I really hope we'll have time to make hers before her Birthday!

- Bike seat. We bought a front bike seat for Freya the other day - this one which was recommended by lots of people, I justified as kind of a Birthday present, but one which I know we'll get lots of use from - especially during lockdown and summer. We've been out on it a couple of times so far but she loves it already! 

-Olli Ella. I just adore this brand. We already have this dolls house - great price right now it's usually more, you can get little dolls/furniture packs for it, and this little picnic basket which she's already been into a lot already - I think she'll love it even more once she understands role play etc.

-A paddling pool? The new Liewood range is gorgeous and guaranteed for lots of fun this summer.

- Pram stroller. We have this one.

- A couple of favourite websites I turn to for shopping for Freya or gifts for friends - Scandiborn, Kidly & Molly Meg.

- Balance Bike. Not really for a 1 year old but people asked what Freya would be getting and my mother in law spotted one half price in a sale after Christmas so snapped it up for Freya from Liberty {SUCH a great find}, she’s bought one for all her grandchildren over the years. 

- Books. Can NEVER have too many for bedtime stories. Julia Donaldson are our favourite to read for the rhyming stories and all children we know seem to love them. This is already a favourite but would love to ask for Zog and this one
- Other special books - This has to be one of the most beautiful, meaningful books ever written. Along with Here We Are.

-These schliech animals - or this set or this set - I don't think you can ever have a collection too big and it's so nice to collect these over time, I also love the look of them on top of Birthday cakes. So much fun for creating little animal tea parties or for messy/washing them kind of play for them as they grow up.

- Something for outside like a swing/slide?

- Climbing thing. These tri climbs look amazing and when I spotted them on Instagram I was so tempted until I saw the price. I just don't know if we'd get enough use out of it to justify when hopefully parks etc will reopen at somepoint. They look amazing though, guess it just depends on what your space set up is/what kind of child you have.

Do you have any other ideas? Would love to hear them.

R <3 xx

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  1. Baby rocking horse (the little tykes one is always a hit, I’ve bought it for 3 x 1 year olds birthdays, only shame is they are garishly and offensively plastic , but kids love all the plastic) my nearly 4yo has played on hers ever since her 1st bday so last for years x


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