August 18, 2014


I've been meaning to write a blog for about three years, up until now I've been an obsessive blog reader rather than writing one myself. So, on this rainy Monday afternoon I've got a lot of catching up to do. 

If you're wondering who I am, let me introduce myself. I'm Rebecca, a 21 year old recent law graduate - although I've no interest in pursuing a career in Law. This summer was pretty hectic with my final exams and getting married so now that all that is out the way I've finally got some more time to set about this blog. Those of you who follow me on instagram {@rvk123} will know that I'm a bit mad for taking photos of flowers, travel, countryside views, running, baking, allotmenting, interiors, fun days out and weddings. This blog will incorporate a mixture of all my great loves and I've decided that postings will be grouped something like this - 

{Makeover Monday's} Ben and I moved to Maida Vale in London when I was studying in London. We brought a flat which needed renovating and discovered that we loved the whole design process, searching eBay, car boot sales and vintage markets for furnishings and have since moved back to Hertfordshire, where we are both from and renovated the house where we live now. Our house was featured in Ideal Home magazine this June and I'm looking forward to posting before and after photos with DIY project tutorials.

{Travelling Tuesday's} I love love love to travel as much as I can, I think while you're young whenever possible everyone should try to see as much of the world as they can. These posts will partly be a way to document and look back on my favourite trips but will also offer tried and tested reviews, tips and insight on our jet setting adventures.

{Wedding Wednesday's} As mentioned Ben and I got married this summer and would love to share some of our photos and DIY projects. 

{Throwback Thursday's} Honouring the hashtag tbt, I've got a lot of catching up to do on this blog that I should have started writing years ago. Each Thursday I'll do a post looking back on a day out or something of note that I think is worthwhile sharing.

{Foodie Friday's} I really try to eat super healthily most of the time so would love to share some of my favourite recipes, these days made with produce from our allotment, but I've got an incredibly sweet tooth so expect some indulgent baking posts or the odd restaurant review in here too.

I promise to post as much as I can, with as many photos possible and in time get this blog looking pretty. Excuse me for a few weeks while I try and write some posts and then I'll focus on the formatting..

R <3 xx

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