Christmas Wrapping

December 17, 2015

Are you in the love or hate wrapping camp?? I quite like it until I'm about an hour in, surrounded by ribbon having lost the scissors and tape under a mountain of brown paper. This year I didn't have much to wrap though, we did a big secret Santa draw with Ben's family that reduced the amount of presents down. I think as everyone gets older the gifts get a lot smaller too. But I still had a few to wrap so out came the paper {three different types this year} and the trusty old Costco ribbon.

I always like to sit by the fire but maybe I should take a lesson from my Mum in sitting up at the table to do it all, save my back and all that. Costco really is the best place to buy ribbon from, it's £5 for a 50m roll that will last you for about 3 Christmases! Hence my ever growing collection. I bought calligraphy tags from Becki Clarke although in the past I've made my own from luggage tags with stamps or cut outs. The paper was from Costco and Homesense.

There are so many ideas for gift wrapping with candy canes or little sprigs of pine or eucalyptus. This year I mainly stuck to ribbon but added some candy cane chocolates on a couple.

All done and ready to go! I didn't wrap the Hunter box as thought it looked festive enough on it's own with the red {aka couldn't face the huge amount of paper it would need}, sometimes a bit of ribbon is all you need! Do you like wrapping?? Ben will do anything to avoid it on my presents, either paying for gift wrap or just saying 'close your eyes' and handing it to me! After all this lot my Dad bought down his presents for my Mumma that he wanted me to wrap, these men honestly... 

R <3 xx 

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