Our Christmas 2015

December 27, 2015

A few photos from the last couple of days. Probably some of my favourite days of the whole year.

Christmas Eve

We pretty much moved in at Mum & Dad's from Christmas Eve morning and have hardly left since. The stockings were hung on the mantle ready and waiting and we always have a tradition of walking the pup through the village. Dad had been to pick up the turkey early and Mum & I had done all the food shopping early the day before. We put Christmas songs on whilst preparing all the veg and then at lunchtime we cut our famous Nigella's coca cola ham. Christmas had begun!! That afternoon we watched Home Alone 2 before early evening drinks at a family friends and then a Christmas Eve tea for us all - cheese, ham, pickles and the like and the yummiest M&S salted caramel profiteroles. My Dad surprised us all by getting the old videos of us down and we cried with laughter looking back at when we were tiny!

{Wrapped presents ready to put under Mum & Dad's tree}
{Yay for Yule Log} 
{The ultimate Christmas house and nowhere else I'd rather be at Christmas time}
{Starry salted caramel profiteroles. The best}
{Christmas blooms for my Mumma who cooks the best turkey}
{Christmas siblings on Christmas Eve}
{We caught the pup sniffing around the presents, he was just as excited as the rest of us}

Christmas Day
The latest we've ever woken up, 8am!! This year was different for us as Ben's Mum who normally hosts a Sterling family breakfast was in Australia so it meant we didn't have to split our morning up and could be with my parents all day just the 5 of us. It was meant to rain a lot on Christmas Day, which it did, but the morning was still and even had some sunshine so we decided to get out early with the pups and go for a long walk before breakfast. We chucked old clothes on and got out down the lane, not seeing a single soul!

When we got home, around 10am, Ben's Dad popped over for a bit and then we had breakfast. Still not opening a single present! A record for us all. Finally, just after 11 we sat down and begun the unwrapping fest. Followed by lots of antlers/santa hats/silly selfies while lunch was cooking. And a lot of chocolate eating out of our stockings. 

 Mumma played a blinder as always and we sat down to the best turkey, and a load of pigs in blankets, just after 4pm.

Followed by Christmas pudding, pointless and then a couple of hours later - as if we hadn't eaten enough that day - cheeeese. And then watching 8 out of 10 Cats does Christmas.

{Presents from Ben & I to each other which we left until last when we got home}
Boxing Day
A long walk, leftovers, chocolate and the sofa for us all. The perfect lazy day. 

And now for the blurry time between Christmas and New Year where everybody's home, you don't know what day or time it is aside from feeling hungry for some more leftovers and there's no pressure to do anything. Quite perfect. I love this time of year. Give it a few days and we'll be raring to rip the decs down and start the New Year, for now though I'm snuggling up and soaking it all up. 

Hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas 
R <3 xxxx

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