My Birthday, Spring and The Easter Weekend..

April 15, 2016

I miss writing my weekly Friday blog posts with some favourite photos from the week just gone. With the house renovation, blogging has kind of taken a bit of a back seat right now. That being said, I have a full up camera roll on my phone so I wanted to publish these photos before they get stored deep in a hard drive or at the bottom of a Facebook album. Having them on here makes them so much easier for me to find! So, going back to the Easter weekend a few photos, it was also my Birthday on the Easter Monday so we certainly had our sugar fix with chocolate eggs, nest cakes and birthday cake! Back with a house update soon and photos from our trip to Oxford last weekend. Happy Friday, R <3 xx 

{Pink and polka dots}
{Easter daffs}

{Spring fever at The Grove for a Birthday dinner}
{all the floral, cute wrapping paper. I asked for aesop skincare treats and a Roberts radio from my parents}
{pink primroses}
{can't get enough of these cake pics} 
{liberty flags}

{chocolate and vanilla}
{ben took me birthday shopping for sofas and house bits in Notting Hill, he did goood}

{we're terrible at selfies, Ben looks about 12 here?! even though he's a decade older than me...}
{the grove}
{all the blues, all the patterns}
{meringue kisses piled high at dinner}
{my grandparents gave me money to choose a couple of blossom trees for the new garden}
{hoppy easter, all the bunnies}
{famous easter nest cake, see the recipe from last year's post here}
{we took this to Ben's Mum's for an egg hunt for our nephews}
{spring lambs}

{pretty tulips}
{bluebells out of the new garden}
{The magnolia's were early this year, they're never normally in bloom for my Birthday} 

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