Project House - Week Four, slowly but surely..

April 22, 2016

A long overdue catch up with the renovations for #rvkprojecthouse. I've been meaning to upload these photos for a while now, it's been two weeks already since I last posted {here}. And looking back just now has made me realise just how much has changed in the last fortnight. A few updates of what's been going on around the place:

- the floors got sanded. bye bye black varnish, hello pine boards. I originally was desperate to paint them white but now the whole room is painted I'm liking them as they are. Could always paint the spare rooms and leave these ones? Tough decision as I do love love love the white look but it would be hard to reverse, there's a limit as to how much you can sand back to bare wood.

The bathroom floors have been shuffled around like a jigsaw, we had to replace a few of the really battered boards. We definitely will paint them in here. Not many photos of the rest of it as we've been getting the pipes ready and preparing to put panelling on the walls. More on this next time!

The ceiling, architrave and picture rail all got painted in white and it transformed the room straight away. Bye bye horrible yellow ceilings. The walls are in Farrow & Ball Blackened. All by our lovely lovely painter Pete, he's such a legend.

Ben's built stud work for wardrobes which has been skimmed and then will be painted and have doors and a rail added on. 

We chose Pavilion Grey for the back of the door for a bit of a contrast.

Not the best photos as the light was going but I really love the colour. 

This was all painted, again the ceiling being white has changed the whole feel of the room. The walls are in Little Greene Slaked Lime mid. At first we were going to leave the windows for a few weeks/months as they didn't actually need repainting, they were just the wrong colour. But the minute the walls were finished they stood out as being a bit too beige so we decided to paint them white, and again the whole room was transformed! Crazy how the smallest things can make such a big difference.

Likewise for the door and the window seat window above, the minute it was painted white it looked ten million times better.

We're pretty much now just waiting on the floor guys for the lounge now but we need the hallway to be finished before they can come. And then the electrics need finishing off in here plus adding in a mantelpiece/alcove shelves/curtains etc until it's properly finished. 

{Hallway} Has had all the walls prepared and painted in an undercoat for now before the woodwork gets finished next week then Cornforth White will be put on the walls. We need to work out what we're doing with the staircase paint wise and also order a stair runner and sand the floorboards on the stairs.

{Garden} I think some of the biggest changes have been in the garden. Over the uni easter holidays we had some strong young lads in to help us out with it and they worked miracles. They cleared beds, dug big shrubs out, cut out the turf for the middle beds and shifted wheelbarrows of soil around. Since then we've filled a skip and had a bonfire out of huge unruly shrubs! The bamboo was a nightmare to dig out too. Once it was all clear it's been levelled out and had the soil prepared for planting. That was my fun bit once all the hard work was done. Positioning plants and planting them. We had a huge order of slabs, sand, rope edging and gravel delivered to make the middle paths. It still needs a lot of work but again it's slowly getting there. More on this and choosing plants etc very soon.

We had a trip to Ikea this afternoon, hence why I'm only posting this now. I have so much more to say and share about it all but I'll save that for next time. We've got the plumber coming next week to fit a new boiler and then hopefully we can go full steam ahead in the bathroom, plus an archaeologist coming out to write a report about the whole place so that we can apply for planning permission for an extension. Soo cannot wait to sort that kitchen out!

Have a lovely weekend.

R <3 xx

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  1. Brilliant. Love seeing it come together x

  2. You have so much work done already and the colours you have chosen are beautiful. The house has fabulous architectural features, even the doors have lots of character. Can't wait to see more... Hope you have a nice weekend and keep up the good work :)

    All things nice...

  3. Wow! Your windows are incredible! I love the look of the wooden floor now it's painted too and the garden is looking great! I can't wait to see more as things progress!

    Gemma x
    The British Feather - Life, Travel & Home Decor

  4. Wow, such progress Rebecca. Love the colour choices. The Garden has had an amazing transformation. It is all coming together, such hard work. But a labour of love. x

  5. This is so exciting, seeing it come together. You can clearly see how much hard work you're all putting in and it's going to look amazing once completed. :-)


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