Hello summer.. peonies, picnics, blossom, bike rides and birthdays.

May 09, 2016

Summer, summer, summer. Is that you? Will you stick around for a while please, say til like October time?? It's been so glorious recently and yesterday was a balmy 26 degrees! As a result I've been a bad blogger and there's so much to catch up on. A house update is coming soon, hopefully this afternoon or by tomorrow. But for now, some favourite photos of the last couple of weeks; peonies, picnics, my Mum's big birthday, Kew Gardens, blossom and bike rides!

peony season returns! The prettiest pinkest blooms.

 hot sunny days where it stays light until 9pm and we finally got our bikes out for a long ride along the canal on Saturday. Also, no more jeans and boots. Shorts and sandals hellooo.
Top from Boden here.

it was my mum's 50th birthday so we spoiled her and then organised a picnic at kew gardens amongst the blossom with cupcakes, candles and prosecco. The bluebells were the best I've ever seen. Followed by a BBQ with family and a simple cake.

there were more birthday celebrations with Ben's Grandma turning 80 and a good friend turning 24. Last Sunday was a day of cake, eating and drinking and more eating and drinking in the sunshine.

yesterday it was so sunny that we revisited an old favourite, Marlow {post on it last year here} for a walk down the river watching the boats and lunch in the sunshine.

Ah England, you're the best with weather like that. Right I'd better go, off to the house to see how Ben and the builders are getting on! Back soon, R <3 xx 

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