Oh Summer..

August 18, 2016

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently. Blame the sunshine! I kind of figured that the Autumn will be fast approaching with days and evenings spent curled up inside as it gets cooler and darker. So there will be more House/interior posts very soon! But for the last few weeks this is what I've been up to.. {aka I have all these photos on my phone that I need a home for}

... Catching up with friends, especially my teachers who will be back to school in September. There have been dinner dates, dog walks and brunches in the sunshine ...

... Sunny days out with my Husband, this was Richmond by the river...

... tropical blogger parties where drinks are served in coconuts, this was at the gorgeous Hedsor House for SYGM... 

... spending time in the garden and at the allotment, cutting flowers {post on that soon as requested} and thinking of a million and one ways to cook courgettes... 

... eating dinner outside, recipe for our fav pizzas here.. 

... and eating at too many BBQs to count, we owe a lot of people dinner!.. 

... summer walks with the pup where the fields are so dry you can wear sandals for weeks on end.. 

.. hot sunny weather and heatwaves at last.. 

... visiting the farmer's market in Hampstead, the produce at this time of year is so so good. 

... celebrating my Grandparents 80th Birthdays at the gorgeous St Michael's Manor hotel with the whole family.. 

... enjoying our new house, moving in and having a celebratory breakfast in bed after months of renovations.. 

... getting soaked with my nephews in the garden .. 

.. visiting my Auntie's gorgeous house in the Midlands and sitting out catching up all day in the sunshine.. 

... sitting out in our new garden until after dark with friends, it's so nice to have a house again to host dinners.. 

Now if the sunshine could last until next week please, we're off to Whitstable for Ben's Birthday and hosting a big BBQ! 

Back soon, I promise.

R <3 xx 

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  1. I love your garden festoon lights✨ Did you already have poles in the garden to string them up or can you set up and take down the poles as you need them? Wondering what to do in our garden and thinking the poles might look a bit odd when I take the lights down? Thanks

    1. Thank you! We added the poles for the lights, they're just pieces of timber. We'll have the lights up year round and if we do take them down we'll just take the wood out. Hope that helps xx

  2. We have them lights from Costco 👍 Nice little catch up blog 😃


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