Project House - some Before & After shots so far..

August 12, 2016

We're still a long way from being finished but after living here for a week now, it's definitely feeling more like home. I need to get round to taking some proper photos of the bedroom, bathroom and lounge now that they're basically 'done' and write the full makeover transformation posts for them but for now I thought I'd quickly share a few before & after shots so far. {all iPhone I need to dig my camera out for the next lot}

Hallway, before:


Bathroom, before:

Lounge: Before

After -

Bedroom, before:

Bedroom After

Back soon! Have a lovely weekend,

R <3 xx

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  1. It's looking really good - you can see the house breathing with new light, new blood, new life. Well done to you both, and your army of helpers / tradesfolk

  2. Absolutely stunning, what a beautiful home you're creating xx

  3. Looks amazing! Well done you! I always wonder....where you keep your books and DVDs/ non pretty items. What are your storage secrets? Beautiful home xx

  4. It doesn't even look like the same house! Amazing work in such a short time 😄
    Tracey x

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  6. Your home is absolutely stunning! Amazing work.....and so much inspiration to take from the pics. Can I ask.....where did you get your light fittings from in the hallway and lounge? Many thanks Natasha

  7. This is stunning, what an incredible interior makeover journey you have been on and what a beautiful home you have - thank you very much for sharing, so much inspiration here, Annabel xx


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