My Week in Photos {number 45}

November 11, 2016

Happy Friyay! I feel like I've been chasing my tail this week and it's resulted in me feeling super run down and full of cold these past couple of days. We are, however, off to the Seychelles this weekend {!!} so I'm realllyy looking forward to the sunshine and slowing down a bit to hopefully make me feel better. It's a work trip {honeymoon research for SYGM} so whilst it won't be a complete switch off, I'm SO unbelievably excited. Ok so no more talk of the Seychelles, a look at my v British wintry week below!

Last weekend you may remember that we went up to Scotland. Ben's Aunt and Uncle, who are so so lovely, live in the Borders and it had been over five years since we'd last visited. It's a long long drive for just a couple of days so we left v early on the Friday morning to make the most of the weekend. It was so gorgeous up there, lovely to catch up and it was good timing for the village bonfire. I feel like Scottish villages make a bigger deal out of bonfire night than english? Or am I generalising?? We also made v good progress on our kitchen plans! SO excited, and thrilled that Ben's uncle will make us one again. 

On the way back we stopped in Leeds to visit Phoebe and Michael. I've been talking to Phoebe for years, even before I got married, and we've been working together for over two years now, we speak on the phone and text a billion times a week but had never met! I don't actually know why it's taken me so long to go north and Phoebe won't come down South haha. I loved it so much and it was just like 'old times'. Except it was the first time, you know when something is just so familiar. I actually came away with a real sadness, sad that we live three and a half hours apart when we all got on so well. The whole afternoon was spent laughing. And admiring Phoebe's gorgeous kitchen and adorable dog Atticus. LOVE. 

Then it was home to a FREEZING cold house when we got back on Sunday night. National Grid had turned our gas off last Thursday morning and it wasn't reconnected until Monday night. It was also four of the coldest nights of this autumn/winter so far. Not fun at all. It took a lot of my time liaising with them all - harder than it should have been due to them employing so many subcontractors. I wore my bobble hat inside and a million layers but being that cold just makes me feel miserable. I spent half of Monday morning walking around Waitrose veryyy slowly just to try and get warm! And then I bought myself some eucalyptus as a treat for all the hassle. Anyway I've never been so grateful for hot water when it did come back on, and we're now meant to receive compensation for it. Complete first world problems but you really appreciate just how much we take these things for granted. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were fairly uneventful. There was a pretty frost on Tuesday morning, the first we've had since last Winter so I stopped on my run a few times to take some photos and then we had bonfire night round two with Ben's Mum and adorable nephews - it was the first time they've been old enough to appreciate fireworks, sparklers and toffee apples. Love family traditions. Ben's family are v good at Bonfire night. 

Loving these cosy autumn layers. Current favourites.

Had a friend round on Wednesday eve. Then yesterday was VOGUE HOUSE. I had an exciting meeting there for So You're Getting Married and it felt like a dream come true to visit the famed Conde Nast HQ. I can't say too much more right now but it was just such a surreal experience. A kind of movie, Devils Wears Prada kind of day - although without that bitchiness you imagine. I also couldn't resist a quick visit to see the Christmas decorated Liberty just around the corner!

 From the glitz and glamour of London that morning, the afternoon was spent looking around reclamation yards and builders merchants for flagstones for our new log burner hearth. Living da dream. It was cold and muddy but we found some that we liked in the end. I then met my Brother's new girlfriend for the first time before admitting defeat with this damn cold and getting into bed stupidly early.

Today it's Friday. I went for a dog walk with my Dad this morning {such a gorgeous day} and treated myself to a quick breakfast at my fav coffee shop afterwards before finishing some work off and tying up a few loose ends/emails. I still need to finish a tiny bit of packing but I'm excited for the weekend. 

Tomorrow we're off to visit a new baby, an old friend of Ben's new daughter. I had to stop myself getting carried away with the floral print in JoJo Mamam Bebe! We've got the boring job of needing to move and cover all the furniture in our lounge as a builder is opening up the chimney breast for our long burner whilst we're away. Going to be pretty dusty and chaotic I think - just need to think of the end result which should hopefully all be done within a couple of weeks!! I'm looking forward to a family dinner before tomorrow eve we leave for the airport on Sunday.

We also got round to a bit of gardening this week at long last. Our building start date is coming around fast so we're trying to sort as much out as we can. We're going mad on alliums at the moment, hoping for a pretty display next spring/summer. More on all things garden soon. 

Have a lovely weekend! I'll be taking a short break from here next week whilst in the Seychelles but then I'm back with all things *Christmas*! {follow along with #sygmintheseychelles}. 

R <3 xx 

p.s. we were in the Daily Mail last week talking about house renovating as a couple - how not to end in divorce.

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  1. I just love, love your blog. Please never stop!!! Your ideas are just beautiful and your photos are stunning. I would love to know what camera you use?? xx

    1. Ahh Sarah you've made my day. Thank you!! I use my iPhone 7 90% of the time and 90% of these pics are unedited too. For holidays and important stuff though I use my Olympus pen camera x

    2. Great, thank you. I think I need to upgrade my iphone in that case! x


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