Happy Weekend; Palm Springs Bound {week 7, the 2017 edition}

February 18, 2017

hashtag I have this thing with coral. Shoes here, Palm Pouch, top, beach bag last season. 

We're headed to Palm Springs this morning! A trip that we booked just a week ago and quite frankly the most spontaneous, craziest thing I've ever done. I'm such a planner, most things - especially travel plans - get mapped out a year in advance so this for me was a huge departure. Ben is the opposite though and is up for anything last minute. I could think of a million sensible reasons why we should stay home and not plan a trip, especially as I haven't been feeling that great recently. But then I thought actually why not, especially after both a doctor and homeopath told me that I need to take some time to switch off and that my body has been under a lot of stress recently presenting itself as a number of health issues. Let's just go, let's make the most of life and travel before we have children and schools to worry about. And let's go and get some vitamin D!! So a call for some flights, car hire and a search on airbnb later and California here we come! It still hasn't sunk in but I'm so happy that I'm feeling better and like my old self again and up for a new adventure. Road-trip time! 

Not many photos to post here this week as most of it was covered in our Valentine's getaway and day and the rest of the time I've been finishing off work, watching the builders crane the steels into the extension {a momentous day for rvkprojecthouse, it felt like our Grand Designs moment} and packing. So back very soon, there are a couple of interior/building blog posts scheduled for whilst I'm away. Have a good weekend, R <3 xx 

p.s. I've had a couple of messages on Instagram, and even an email, recently to say that a few followers aren't happy following me because of the amount of travel my husband and I take and that I should 'get over' winter because the trips I take are more of a once in a lifetime chance for most people. I didn't know whether to respond on here or not. Of course it's OK to unfollow me or not read this blog, hell I didn't expect anyone to read this blog when I started and even now I write it more as a diary to look back on. I'd much rather that than get trolling messages and I also hope that nobody compares their life to anything that they see on Instagram or even in real life, comparison is the death of happiness. I feel incredibly grateful for so many things in life, but I don't want to feel like I can't post things that make me happy or have to justify every decision that I make to somebody that I don't even know. Should I stay at home to make somebody feel better? I would never dream of commenting on how somebody chooses to live their life. Everyone is entitled to their own little corner of the internet and I choose to fill mine with the memories and photos I want to look back upon. Travel is something that my husband and I love and prioritise, especially before we have children. A lot of the trips I go on are combined with work, which is something I've worked hard to build up. I read SUCH an interesting debate on the perception of Instagram recently on this post, it's worth a read. Have a look here if you're interested. It highlights the positives of being positive, and sharing in people's happiness together which I something I normally love about the Instagram community. 

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  1. Travel away I say! Envy is a terrible emotion them. Pity the trolls. As the saying goes, 'one life, live it' in a way that makes you happy!

  2. Thank you Siobhan 😘. Have a lovely weekend xxx

  3. I can't believe people would contact you to say that! It is your life and you live it how you wish. I am not in a position to take lots of trips but I love reading about yours. Keep doing what you love!
    Tracey x

  4. Too right ! The reason I left Facebook and only use Instagram is to avoid nasty comments, don't let it worry you. For someone so young you are very mature so I'm sure you won't let this bother you too much , go and enjoy your holiday ! Ps just starting on my 'dream' kitchen and can't wait to see your plans, I guess there are lots of us waiting to see what you two do ! 😃🌴🌴🌝

  5. I think you touched upon it in your Q&A post a little while ago, that your freelance work plus the work you and Ben do on his business enables you to have freedom to do more travelling. I know this isn't possible for everyone, but I also know that you don't share this because you are boasting AT ALL. I find your content (both home and abroad) inspiring, and sometimes I find your UK travel posts even more inspiring as they are more in reach for me, but your travel further afield helps me to top up my bucket list of destinations! Yes some of your trips are 'once in a lifetime' for most people but similarly you raved about the Ile de Re and that is 100% accessible to lots of people. I love the way you try and approach everything positively and wish people would be grateful that you share with us rather than trying to bring you down! Xx

  6. I hope you both have a lovely time and ignore the trolls, they clearly haven't got anything better to do. Jealousy is an ugly thing, we need to stop making comparisons (they're not helpful) and just be thankful for what we have. You go have a lovely time and enjoy travel pre children as once they arrive it's a whole different ball game!!
    Sophie x

  7. People can be so mean!!! I don't understand why they can't be inspired like most of your followers :) Jealousy is horrid, I was always told if you don't have anything nice to say then say nothing! have a great holiday x

  8. I absolutely love reading your blog, I love the energy and joy that you put into your travels and home and think it's brilliant that you and your husband can have such a fantastic broad lifestyle. From the way you write it feels like you are well aware and appreciative of the love and luck which life has given you so, as upsetting as those horrid comments are, please ignore them and the poisonous negativity that try to deliver. Travel on - and come back to tell us all about it!


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