Makeover - Downstairs Cloakroom

June 26, 2017

Afternoon! Hope you had a lovely weekend? I'm working my way through the kitchen blog posts I want to write so today is a quick blog about our new downstairs toilet. I think it's actually one of the biggest transformations in the house and everybody so far has loved the surprise when they open the door onto it. Such a tiny room but we've planned it carefully so I feel like it's a great use of the space now. And the tiles and lights make it feel that bit more special.

I wish I had better before photos of this toilet. It was here when we bought the house and I think was probably the original outside toilet in the olden days. I was scared to ever use it before our building work/extension as it was filled with weird water tanks, a million spiders webs and a spookily high ceiling that just made the spiders climb up even higher than I could hoover them! Then throughout our building work it was used by the builders the whole time as this wall was exposed before the new kitchen was built. So by the time the kitchen was almost finished, the toilet was in a serious need for an overhaul!

We changed the door position as when the kitchen was being plastered, we uncovered the original door space for this toilet. So instead of it opening out onto the utility room, it's now accessed from the hallway just next to it which I much prefer. If there's a load of washing hanging in the utility or whatever it's good that guests don't have to go in there. That also meant we had an opening for a little sink where the door used to be. Ben built a frame around the room, bringing it out for a wall hung toilet as you can see in the pic above which hides all the pipework. 

Then he built a cupboard inset for a sink basin to sit on. We ordered this sink {online here} so he built the cupboard to size. The panelling is tongue and groove MDF which was primed prior to fitting. The floor had been tiled in the same Berkley tiles we used in our utility room from Topps Tiles.

We lowered the ceiling and installed an extractor fan as per building regs.

We actually really loved the colour the panelling was primed in but it all needed painting properly so we chose Farrow & Ball Pavilion Grey in eggshell.

We ordered and fitted these lights {online here} in a brushed chrome finish to tie in with the toilet flush and taps. I love how they add a bit of drama to the room. We'd had our electrician leave wires for them and cut holes in the panelling to pull it through. 

There's a little shelf above the toilet for hand cream/toilet rolls/towels etc.

We had a couple of vintage mirrors left over from our lounge mirror wall that we've collected over the years from car boot sales/antique shops/markets and they just so happened to fit perfectly. One above the sink and one sits behind the toilet. I'm yet to decide for artwork for the wall opposite the sink or something to hang behind the door.

Such a cute sink! Ben built the cupboard under it especially for this sink which we found online {here}. The tap was from Wickes.

Being such a small space it's hard to photograph, especially with mirrors on two walls. 

But you get the general idea! 

Back soon, R <3 xx 

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  1. Amazing use of space Rebecca!

    Can I ask the dimensions of this room please? I.e. The floor space and the actual wall to wall dimensions? Your boot room/utility have massively inspired me and I'm wondering if we can downsize our planned utility room and pitch a bit of space to make the utility bigger!


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