Back soon!

August 08, 2017

Sorry, sorry I owe you about a million blog posts right now - the garden/new greenhouse and garage/the patio area with the gravel you always ask about/the snug room/the kitchen makeover post that I've owed you forever/the shoot with Binky from a couple of weeks back of which I love the photos of our allotment/growing flowers specifically hydrangeas and roses/fashion updates/interior styling. And I can't wait to be back on my laptop properly to get sharing. But this past week has been a little hectic so I bought you some flowers instead. There's been a lot of excitement recently, a big feature in the Sunday Times {I'm still pinching myself. The Sunday Times Home section, me?!}, and a shoot with Rock my Style today for an updated house tour. Tomorrow we're heading to The Cotswolds for a couple of days which ironically was to try and make the most of summer but it looks like a month's worth of rain forecast in one day! But right now my Macbook is about to go to sleep and I've got the new 'Trust Me' series to watch. But back soon, I promise. And as always you can find me on Instagram in the mean time. R <3 xx 

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