House/Work/Garden/Allotment Shoot, a Day in the Life with Binky Nixon

August 25, 2017

Happy Friday! I'm excited to share some photos of a shoot that Binky Nixon came to do a few weeks back if you'd like to see? I guess you all know just how much of a thing for photos I have. This blog is built upon it. I'm not skilled technically at taking photos myself but I just love how much a photograph can capture. So much more than my mind can ever remember, looking back at them always makes me smile and to have a set of professional images that captures everything that I love is really special.
Binky was our v fab wedding photographer and we've known each other for about 5 years now? Partly through our own wedding, and earlier engagement shoot, but then since we've kept in touch both personally through Instagram and through the wedding circuit. She's just such a lovely, down to earth person {and if you follow her on Instagram her shots never fail to make you smile - especially the wedding photos with so much emotion in. Her little boy Walt is so cute and funny and Sally her photography partner in crime is fab too}. Binky's followed our house progress, and garden/allotment growing. She offered to come and take some photos for an afternoon as part of a new package that she's offering to bloggers {or anyone! not just bloggers} who are looking for a collection of photos to capture things that you're most passionate about. 

Of course you can book engagement shoots/new baby/family shoots but this is more aimed at capturing some more of your day to day life in a day. The idea of it is for you to have a collection of 365 images so that you could share one everyday on your social media for a year. It would be great for those who are self employed, maybe if you're a cake baker or florist {even a vet? I imagine the photos would be v cool for this} or any number of professions where you might want some photos taking for your website, social media or portfolios. It's capturing the small details - your hands typing at a keyboard or cutting flowers - as well as the larger scale shots. It was particularly useful for me to have some up to date head shots taken that were natural and I was happy with. One of which ended up being in the Sunday Times article a couple of weeks back. But also to have some up to date photos of Ben and I, at our allotment - a place where we spend a lot of time but would never normally take photos. Even if you think you hate having your photo taken, Binky has a knack of really natural style shots for even the most camera shy. 

You can see some of the shots below, I had a hard time choosing my favourites {why am I always so bad at narrowing things down?! I blame Binky for sending so many fab edits}. It's not about me loving myself in these photos - does anybody actually like having their photo taken?, but it's about having a set of photos that you're happy and comfortable with to share with clients or that really capture your career/passions. Now if only I could take Binky on some of our travels with us! 

P.S. for those who have messaged, my dress is online here.

Binky knows that I love cooking and baking as well as photography/blogging so we started by capturing some of this before moving on to flowers and the garden and then the allotment. It was really nice to have some natural photos of me at home. Binky is alll about the natural shots, we chose her for our wedding for this documentary style. 

It was a week where the pup was staying with us! Which was really cute to have him in some shots although he doesn't normally live with us.

We didn't focus on interior shots too much as Rock my Style were coming to shoot the whole thing although the shots that Binky did get of the house I really love {and kind of wish I'd asked for some more now!}. It was such a sunny summer's day. 

Taking photos of me taking photos... blogger life.

Man's best friend.

Blogger's gonna blog.

Cutting roses from the garden.

We walk in these fields together everyday so I particularly love these photos and the allotment series.

It was a fun afternoon and I'm so pleased with the end result. You can find more on Binky's website here. She's a little full on with weddings right now at the end of summer but will be starting to offer this portfolio package in a few weeks. Prices will be £365 for a half day of photography including a set of 365 edited images in both print and web size format. {sent in a v cute little package with your USB and a few extra treats!}

P.S. for those who have messaged, my dress is online here.

R <3 x

{a huge thank you to Binky for taking these photos for us}

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  1. I LOVE these photos!! So nice of you and your husband...and your home is just GOALS xx

  2. What a fab idea! Really like that they capture the normal things because they will mean the most to you and hold the most memories. The photos are beautiful too.
    Tracey x


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