Valentine's // Day 2018 {with notonthehighstreet}

January 31, 2018

*this is a paid partnership with notonthehighstreet*

We never really need an excuse to show those around us how much we love them. But Valentine's Day sure gives us a good reason to plan a couple of heartfelt gestures. Do you 'celebrate' it? I've always been a big fan, partly for all the hearts but also for February being steeped in love through history. My Valentine of course is my husband who does so much for us year round & is incredibly patient yet never wants a big show of gratitude or pile of presents. But I'm a big believer of sharing the love around February 14th, everybody deserves something thoughtful no matter how big or small. Whether it's your best friend with a gal-entines lunch, spoiling your dog, your children {I remember my Mum always giving my brother & I a red heart shaped chocolate lolly with a card} or your other half, it's definitely a good excuse to share some love around. Whether it be light hearted or deeply romantic.

This year, because we're travelling around Australia we'll only arrive home just before February 14th I imagine that we'll be feeling a bit jet-lagged so I decided to surprise Ben with a pre-Valentine's beach picnic down under where we could enjoy it in the sunshine. On one of our very first Valentine's Days together Ben had surprised me with a picnic in a park near us, the cutest gesture and I remember us freezing cold sitting outside in February but just so happy to be spending time together. I've long, long been a fan of notonthehighstreet, and have decorated many a Birthday, ordered personalised presents for our wedding from there & have had years scouring their cards section each Valentine's Day. Thus, it was perfect timing when notonthehighstreet got in touch to see if I needed a hand this year. 

If you're looking for some inspiration for your Valentine then I've shared some ideas below, most things are able to be personalised to make them extra special too. I've gone for a bit of an Australian/travel theme this year to make it a bit different to our normal hearts. 

I ordered everything before we went away, choosing a few fun Valentine's treats along with a couple of special presents we can add to a gallery wall. I always like presents that have longevity and that can be enjoyed by both of us around the home after the event. 

This vintage style, framed map heart print is online here, from Bombus for £45 {plus an optional map gift travel tag that you can add a message to}

I've chosen our village but you could request the location that you got married/honeymooned/engaged/where you met/your favourite place. On our wedding day Ben had surprised me with a triple map heart from the same company with three special locations on. You can build up a whole gallery or equally they look really lovely on their own on a shelf or on the wall.

Nothing says Valentine's more than some cheesy, fun little notes of affection. These are online here for £8.95 and come in a little craft box with six pink cards with shiny gold envelopes. I love the idea of writing personal messages inside for your Valentine and hiding them around the house like a treasure hunt. This year, going on the beach for a picnic I've just written some inside jokes that will hopefully make Ben laugh. 

Our wedding had a bit of a red heart theme, and so these straws {online here £4} are perfect for decorating drinks, or filling a little jar for a Valentine's decoration.

I really like cards that have meaning but also could be framed, and this one fits the bill. Similar to the framed map heart, also by Bombus, this custom made card online here {for £9.50} can be personalised to literally anywhere in the world, from tiny villages to whole countries. Each card is from a real piece of map made custom to you, which I think makes it extra special. 

If nothing else, Valentine's Day has always been about exchanging cards and sharing something sweet that's love themed. This year I've chosen these white chocolate avocados {perfect for a picnic or breakfast in bed alongside your real avo toast!}. They look so lifelike, the backs are even textured and are the same size as a real avocado; 
{£14 & available here

But perhaps the most special gift is this personalised travel print {online here, £80}. I chose 12 locations and sent a memory for each one, chose my colour {green} and then the clever team produced this! I can't stop staring at it and really can't wait to give it to Ben and then frame it for our landing. It's so incredibly personal and brings all of our travel memories flooding back but in a really stylish arty way compared to photos. 
I love the details - the way it looks like me riding a bike with my hat & basket in the Ile de Re amongst the hollyhocks, or a fiat 500 that we loved to spot in Italy, the ring for our engagement in St Ives and a heart amongst the palm trees for where we honeymooned in the Maldives or the tiles in Lisbon. I really was blown away when I saw it. Also, a bonus with these type of gifts is that even though it's for Ben, we both get to enjoy it!

For our picnic, despite being on the beach in the middle of the Australian summer I wanted to make it Valentine's themed and memorable so ordered these giant {3ft each!} heart balloons, online here {£25.95} which took us back to our wedding day. We had so much fun with them on the beach against that bright blue sky. I might even frame a couple of these photos. 

So, so much love for this guy and our adventures.

This picnic blanket, an inca hammam towel {online here, £36} is perfect for picnics, your garden or the beach {or picnics on the beach in this case!} in a really pretty woven pink cotton. 

The chocolate was SO yummy and those chocolate heart 'stones' have got caramel inside! 

We ate an Aussie feast on the sand after we took these photos, the supermarkets and food are so good out here and made the most of a sunny Valentine's Day. Most are mid Winter back in blighty for us with dark candlelit evenings!

If you're looking for inspiration to show those in need a dose of love & how much you care for them this Valentine's {and beyond} you can find more at notonthehighstreet here. And take a peek at the hashtag lovethoughtfully on social media. 

Are you planning anything special?

R <3 xx

{I'm proud to say that this post is a paid partnership with Not on the High Street, a brand that I have truly loved for years and years} 

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