Freya // Little White Photography Shoot at Five Days Old {gifted shoot}

September 19, 2019

I've blinked and we're almost 11 weeks into this parenting journey already. I still don't know where to really begin with blogging everything from these past couple of months and the things I want to have documented on here. As you can imagine, there's rarely a spare moment these days. BUT I do so want to have these precious photos from when Freya was just five days old.
Suzi, from Little White Photography first got in touch when I was pregnant, she's a local photographer who had shot some of my friend's babies and I was just obsessed with her photography style after following her on instagram for a while {and swooning over all her new baby shoots}, so felt totally honoured and incredibly lucky when she messaged. She asked my due date and told me to get in touch once Freya was born as she likes to shoot within the first two weeks. I was pretty scared by this, how on earth could we think about leaving the house within the first two weeks? Wasn't that going to be incredibly ambitious? We had no idea how we'd feel with a brand new baby! BUT boy am I glad she knew what she was talking about, having these photos when Freya was just five days old was the best thing we could have done. It captured her in that new bubble, all sleepy, all tiny and precious. We may have been sleep deprived but we were glowing and buzzing and so in love with our new bundle and I love that Suzi has captured exactly that. She has a studio in her house, which we were more than happy to go to, but in the end she suggested that it might be nice to have photos in our house instead which I'm forever grateful for. Especially that nursery shot as it's my favourite ever. And it meant we didn't have to put her in the car and pack allll the gear. As it happened, we had a terrible nights sleep the night before and I text Suzi around 2am telling her I had hardly slept and was going to be a complete mess. And then the midwives turned up during our shoot for Freya's  5 day check and heel prick test and I was all emotional and stressed. But Suzi was calm through it all, waiting for us, giving us 0 time pressure and of course a new baby needs to feed often, but again Suzi is so used to this and it was just a really lovely morning going totally at Freya's pace. She captured her all sleepy, she captured her feeding, all her tiny little details - the tiny fingers, toes and her little hair swirl. She was so amazing with Freya gently shifting her into position but always asking our permission if she could first {we were totally fine with it, she has 2 boys herself and deals with babies ALL the time so she would have been a total pro compared to us brand new parents!}. I was conscious I felt all post-partum and exhausted, but actually she captured us both in such a soft, flattering way. What I'm trying to say is, we can't thank Suzi enough and she really was everything we wanted from a newborn photographer plus so much more that we didn't even know we wanted. She edited the photos quickly, giving us an online gallery to look through and choose our favourites. She even made us look all glowy and not sleep deprived. A huge, HUGE thank you to Suzi. We couldn't be more in love with these photos. And I'm sure you know just how into photos I am from this blog. Love, love, love. Baby Freya captured all teeny and squishy forever. <3.

You can find more on Suzi's website here, and instagram here.

R <3 xx 

this was a gifted shoot but with no obligation to share at all. All opinions are 100% my own. 

R <3 xx 

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