Party // Freya's Welcome to the World Party

September 26, 2019

A few weeks ago, we held a little garden party to welcome Freya into the world. A few people asked what a welcome to the world kind of party entailed, I guess it's similar in a way to a non-religious christening? We just felt like we wanted to celebrate her with our favourite people before summer was out, or you might call it a kind of naming ceremony? Regardless, it had been a few years since we'd hosted anything now that the house/garden was all finished and it felt like a good end to the summer just as September rolled in.

We ended up booking our trip to Italy the very next day! Not planned at all, but flights happened to be a lot cheaper on the Monday rather than a few days later so I had to be super organised with everything before us getting up at 4am the next day for our first holiday with a new baby. For this reason, and the fact I just didn't have as much creative energy after a few weeks without much sleep/time, I wanted to keep the decorations pretty simple. I knew I wanted a loose bee theme - after we call her baby bee - and I knew that I wanted to have lots of flowers and foliage from the garden, but then my Mum brought me back that rifle paper co garland from a trip to America which brought it all together. 

I LOVE an excuse to decorate a cake and party table.

I ordered a plain vanilla naked cake from Bakehouse Apsley and we hired Peddling Pizzas for the catering, our favourite local pizzas which made for the easiest and most delicious food ever. {Adam is such a cool guy that we discovered on St Albans market on a Wednesday & his pizzas are better than some we've had in Italy!}.

I bought these gold hoops to hang from the ceiling and tied some olive greenery on them with fishing wire and then decorated the cake with autumn berries and a couple of little fondant bees that the baker made.

And then my super talented friend Jemima, with a baby two weeks younger than Freya {how she got time I still don't know?!}, made these incredibly special bee cupcakes. 

Our friend Vicky had bought us this Bee's Knees alcohol free 'prosecco' which again was a really thoughtful little touch which we loved for the party.

It was such a special afternoon. Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate.

R <3 xx 

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