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September 03, 2020

It's funny because for the last year and a bit, all I've focused on clothing wise has been if it's been feeding friendly. There have been parts of my wardrobe I haven't been able to go to, lots of clothes I look at in shops/online and think - nope can't wear that. But as I type this, I've just started reducing Freya's breastfeeding in the day so now she just feeds first thing and then before bed, so it means I can wear whatever I fancy again - and in fact it's been easier if she doesn't have access so I've taken to wearing any 'normal' top again. Breastfeeding has to be one of the most rewarding, incredible things I've ever ever done, and whilst I haven't stopped yet - and hope I can carry on for another few months or so -, our journey is definitely coming to an end and so much less than it was for the past year. One of the things I've loved and learned most from instagram has been all about breastfeeding - and there's a wonderful support community on there of passionate breastfeeding mother's - especially recently with World Breastfeeding Week. And one of the requests I get for posts a lot is if I can share some Feeding Friendly Fashion. So here's a quick post {before I write a no doubt really long post about the rest of our feeding journey sometime soon - you can read my first post here} to share a few things I've learned along the way. I didn't want to feel restricted in what I could or couldn't wear, I didn't want to have to buy nursing specific clothing, I wanted to make what I already had work if I could and if I was buying something new, make sure I'd get wear out of it afterwards. And likewise, if I was buying anything new - it had to be feeding friendly as I knew I'd be BF for a while and hope to have a second baby someday who I hope I could breastfeed again too. It becomes quite a good filter for reducing your shopping habits too as in - 'nope, it's not feeding friendly!'. I hope this post is of some help! 
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My top tips for breastfeeding friendly clothes;

  • Button Down - but make sure they're real buttons and if you've got a hungry, screaming newborn, make sure they're easy to undo in a hurry! Luckily there are so many button down options for clothes/tops/blouses these days {I've listed some ideas below}
  • Feeding camisoles underneath, either to give a bit more modesty with low cut tops or in the winter to do the one up/one down trick. I bought a couple of these and used them a lot during the colder weather. You pull your jumper up, and unclip your camisole at the top so you keep your tummy warm/unexposed. This way you can wear all your favourite jumpers with jeans or midi skirts and still feed from them.

  • A lot of strappy sundresses can look a bit bulky with thick straps showing from nursing bras so in the summer I often wear bikinis under summer dresses instead. They're really easy to feed from {they just slide across to free your nipple}, they're comfy and have pretty patterns and thin straps or make a feature of a halterneck tie or bandeau top. I feel like they add to an outfit rather than a thick strap perhaps taking away? 
  • For things that are a bit lower cut, these nursing bras are pretty enough with some lace to give you some modesty whilst being feeding friendly. I've worn these bras for months and months and months now and still love them.

Camisoles to go with skirts - love this skirt - or jeans and cardigans to layer if chilly. There are some really amazing cardigans around right now. I love this and this. See also this with heart eyes- ALL the cardigans right now please.

  • Dungarees - the only way that I could wear some of my favourite non feeding friendly tops like broderie blouses/striped bretons. You lift the top up and the front of the dungarees gives you enough modesty over your tummy. But be warned when wearing if you have a sleeping baby in a sling or carrier over the top as you can't go to the toilet very easily! I really like these dungarees and these. And if you're pregnant then it might be worth investing in a jumpsuit by a brand like Stalf or Beyond Nine which will take you through maternity wear and then be feeding friendly afterwards.
  • Nursing specific clothes - I don't have many of these as didn't really like the style of many of them but the few pieces I do have, I still wear now as I like the pattern & shape of it! H&M have the best selection - see online here e.g. This top

  • Off the shoulder tops/dresses are really easy to pull down. I've had these embroidery off the shoulder dresses for years and they've been so useful for breastfeeding in summer.
  • Shirts or shirt dresses
  • I guess the main things that I found I couldn't feed in were dresses which were too high at the top/no buttons as you can't lift them up to feed without flashing your knickers. And high necked tops that didn't feel right with tops underneath if they were quite thin/tight, unless I wanted to wear them under dungarees.
  • I'd also really recommend joing the facebook group 'Can I Breastfeed in it UK' which has some really supportive, lovely women who share their clothing finds and tips for feeding friendly clothes.

Some examples of some feeding friendly clothes {a lot of mine I had in my wardrobe already or are last summer now...} - and remember that it's second hand September so it might be worth looking on ebay/Depop or charity shops if they're open Covid wise, for some feeding friendly options that you could make work!

This button down dress which I love and have just ordered. 

But then saw THIS too. Leopard lover.

I love shirt dresses, H&M normally have some nice versions like this

This gorgeous dress, currently in the sale

This is really really gorgeous for A/W plus Christmas...

Zara normally have a better selection of button down dresses than they have right now, this one is nice and they have this polka dot midi
but maybe in a couple of weeks they'll have more for A/W.

I just ordered this strappy dress as I love the pattern. Any sun dresses like these will be easy to feed from, I also like this

Also I bought this a couple of weeks ago after it finally came back into stock after hunting it down all summer, you'd need a bikini under it as it's pretty low but really great for feeding from - although possibly might need to wait for a holiday/next summer now?

A top button fastening midi autumnal dress

Another lovely option for this time of year 

This yellow dress is gorgeous

This with white trainers would be really nice but you can normally find things like this for a fraction of the price in H&M/Zara

Wrap dresses are good for easy boob access. I like this one

Get a good denim shirt - like this - which will layer with pretty much anything or wear on it's own with leggings or black jeans.

Primark have had some lovely dresses in recently too.

R <3 xx 

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