Happy Weekend #45

November 06, 2015

{Heavenly hydrangeas at Columbia Road last weekend}
Happy Friday. Ugh Bonfire night was a washout last night. This whole week has just been covered in fog, mist, grey clouds and rain. But we still did sparklers in the garden and went to a mini bonfire on Wednesday night, it's an annual tradition in Ben's family. I say it every week but this week really has flown by. I said to myself that I wouldn't start thinking about Christmas until after Bonfire night, I'm normally so much more organised than this and would have done all my shopping by now in previous years. Now it is after bonfire night so I'd better get started! {Oh and claxon! John Lewis Christmas ad is out!!!} 

What do you have planned for this weekend? We're hosting a dinner party tonight so I'm getting the house ready and cooking {chicken stuffed with pesto and mozarella wrapped in parma ham. A classic that never gets old. Although I'm cheating and buying puds instead of making one}. Tomorrow we're hoping it's second time lucky to see fireworks without the rain, fingers crossed! And then on Sunday we're escaping to The Cotswolds for a night away, there's a hotel to review for SYGM which I'm really looking forward to. Hope you have a lovely one! R <3 xx

- oh and my foot that I talked about last week was just a trapped nerve! Phew! 

{The last of the Autumn leaves hanging on last weekend. All soggy now!}

{Cosy scarves and sparkly necklaces}
{I've missed this little guy this week, he's been in Norfolk with my parents. Getting him back today yay!} 
{Pink pretties brightening up this rainy old week}
{First of the bonfires at Ben's Grandparents on Wednesday. Complete with sparklers, sausages and toffee apples!}
{Halloween decorations. A blog post will be up on the wreath next week}
{The view this week. No blue skies!}
{Columbia Road pretties and my favourite doors in London}
{Gold lined streets, St Albans park last weekend} 
{Biggest hydrangea heads I've ever seen!}
{A new print for our bedroom} 
{Cow parsley and the mist rolling in}
{An indoor bonfire for 5th November as outdoors was a wash-out! Cosy though}
R <3 xx

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  1. I hope the weather this weekend is much more pleasant for you!


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