Happy Weekend #48

November 27, 2015

{Flowers from my baby Bro, such a big bunch of pretties}

I always feel a little guilty when I get to a Friday to write this post and realise that I haven't posted anything since last weekend. Sorry y'all but I promise there will be a big overhaul of this blog next year with the new house. Here's what I've been doing instead of blogging this week - I went to my Nephew's 2nd Birthday party, I saw Spectre at The Rex cinema {v v good by the way}, 3 pilates classes, the usual running/dog walks, attended an event for So You're Getting Married, went to view the new house again to measure up for a few bits so we can start the new plans, tidied and cleaned our house top to bottom ready for viewings on an open day tomorrow, had a family dinner party last night and today got the Christmas Tree! Chuck in some admin, emails and work into the mix too. And looking after my poorly husband, he'll only get a cold once a year but when he does you sure know about it. So that's me! How about you?? And yes it's not even December yet for the Christmas tree but when you get them cut down fresh they last for weeks and weeks. This weekend marks the start of all things Merry and Bright, tomorrow my Mumma and I are off to make a Christmas wreath which is handy to avoid all these people coming to view our house {which I feel super weird about} and then it's operation decorate! My friend Sophie is hosting a dinner party tomorrow night and I can't wait for a girly evening. Sunday I think will be chilled out just decorating the tree and I really want some time to sit on my ipad and see what good Black Friday deals there are to be had! Hope you have a lovely weekend, I'll start some Christmassy blog posts soon.

R <3 xx

{Cow parsley addict and blue sky walks to blow the cobwebs {and colds!} away}

{Kinda forcing myself to feel festive this year, normally I'm crazily excited already at this time of year}

{Yay for choosing the tree this afternoon! Blog post next week!}

{Roses and eucalyptus}

{Sorry to all those bah humbugs! Christmas creeping in}

{I saw, and smelt, my first Christmas trees of the year this week at Clifton Nurseries in Maida Vale, so twinkly}

{A simple but super pretty and festive lunch setting idea from Wednesday's SYGM event}

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