Makeover - Instagram Polaroid Photo Wall

November 17, 2015

I've featured our loft room before {here}. It always had a photo wall above the desk but recently I replaced all the big photos with instagram prints instead. I love the little squares with their white borders and the fact that they're all the same orientation now compared to the mismatch before. It feels fresher in there. A few of you have asked how it was done so I thought I'd share a little DIY on it.

I've been printing photos via the Polagram app, or Lalalab as it's now called, for iPhone for about a year now. At first, just because I like to have photos printed, tangible in my hands or on a noticeboard, or to give in cards to friends or family. The white borders make them feel like proper polaroids with the retro feel. Funny isn't it how technology has taken over - emails, digital cameras, camera rolls and the like but in reality we all still love to receive a handwritten letter or look at a photo that's printed. 

Using the app {and no this is not in any way sponsored although you can use my code for £5 off your first order if you'd like at the end of this} means I saved all my favourite photos from either instagram or my facebook and then uploaded to the app - selecting the white border option and then printed them out. The photos don't need to be square to start with, you can crop them on the app. I ordered tonnes more than I needed but then could choose while putting them up on the string.

I wrote about the string and hooks to create the display on the original loft post but it really is easy. We just bought some eyelet hooks and screwed them into the wall and then tied string between each end and pulled it taught before knotting it and pegging the photos on. Originally it was designed for the portrait and landscape photos so now that they're all square I probably need to adjust some of the string.

I don't actually sit at this desk much {usually preferring the sofa by the fire to work in the winter or the garden in the summer} but when I do it's lovely to look up at and remember some of my favourite photos.

Some of them are a little wonky, I don't think you could ever get them all 100% straight at one time! But if you try and peg them in the same place and at the same point of the peg you should get them pretty aligned. I just need to add a adjust that third line down I think, that used to have portrait photos on so there's a bit of a gap that stands out.

For now though I love the overall effect! And having some updated photos on the wall, it's been like three years at least since we made the original display. We've got married since then! And expanded out travels. 

The polaroid prints cost £0.29p each plus postage. There are lots of apps that offer this service now and deliver direct to your door but I've always found Polagram/lalalab to be very good on quality, price and delivery time. They come packaged in a cute pink envelope. 

If you want to try it out you can download from the app store for free, link it to your instagram/facebook or camera roll to upload and then use code PGW0G4JJ to save £5. 

Let me know if you have any other questions. 

R <3 xx 

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