Happy Weekend #10

March 12, 2016

Bit of a later edit of my usual Friday post today. Yesterday was so seriously stressful I couldn't bear to stay home, I just had to keep myself out and busy! Yep, we still haven't exchanged. A ridiculous week with over 23 phone calls most days to solicitors and estate agents. Living in limbo land goes on! I had a kind of anxiety attack about the whole thing last night, I think it all just caught up with me. I can't even bear to talk about it right now {what will be will be etc} so let's discuss about some nicer things instead? Because now it's the weekend!

It was Mother's Day last Sunday and we had a roast at a village pub with my parents and brother before walking home through the fields. It was freeeezing last week but it feels like Spring has actually Sprung now? Hopefully the snow is behind us and this weekend is definitely feeling warmer.

Wellies kind of ruined my outfit but the fields are all still ridiculously muddy to wear anything else.

It was nice to spend a couple of hours getting our allotment ready for the Spring, we dug over beds and got rid of the weeds and added some cloches to start warming up the soil ready for planting seeds out in a couple of weeks. If we do move then we want to keep it ticking over this year, if we don't then we'll have lots more time to try and grow lots more this year. I'm dreaming of summer evenings where it's light until 10pm!

It is staying so much lighter for longer though and waking up in the mornings with sunshine flooding in is heaven. Unless I get up extra early I don't even see the sunrise on my run anymore, it's already up!

We picked up the new car last weekend! Woop! After a few days of getting used to it, I really really love it. The first drive was super scary though, it's an automatic and a lot bigger than my old car and I still struggle to park right now. And I'm kind of regretting that gorgeous cream interior already {crying emoji face}, I've bought some leather protector spray to put on it this weekend.

Last Monday my Brother and I both had meetings in London {SYGM stuff for me, a potential work placement interview for him} so we drove into town together in the new car and had a fun afternoon. We got a Five Guys for dinner and bought one home for Ben. 

London in bloom!

Other than that though, this week has mainly been working from home with a couple of the usual pilates classes and dog walks thrown in and of course a hell of a lot of time spent on the phone trying to push this house sale through. Honest to god what a waste of a week in a way!

By Thursday night a candlelit bath was truly needed.

And at least there's been some lovely sunshine thrown in. 

I've been loving this bargain new Primark necklace to add some sparkle.

And last night was a welcome distraction, a date night in London. I was going to cover the Most Curious Wedding Fair in East London for So You're Getting Married so Ben came along so we could go out for dinner first {At wahaca in Islington, an old faithful favourite} and then we explored Brick Lane and Shoreditch, eating our way round with desserts from the Meringue Girls at the wedding fair.

Almost too good to eat! This morning it's Saturday and the sun is shining. We're off to a friend's wedding this evening which I'm looking forward to but other than that it's all about keeping stress free with some long walks and trips out to pretty towns for a bit of lunch and shopping. My Mumma's cooking us dinner tomorrow night.

Hope you have a good weekend, back to more blogging when I feel a bit more myself soon!

R <3 xx 

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  1. So frustrating, but glad you managed to turn it into a positive week. We're going through exactly the same thing, offer accepted in November and we still don't have a date for exchange and completion.
    Fingers crossed we both get some good house news soon
    Sophie x


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