Happy Weekend #11 {and we exchanged!!}

March 18, 2016

{Just don't smash the Dundees or Diptyques. The packing is underway}
Wow, what a week. Compared to my last post where we couldn't have been more stressed out, things got a lot lot worse when our lender pulled out on Saturday {right before we were meant to exchange!}. Cue a ridiculously horrible weekend with my incredible, incredible parents who managed to sort everything out. By Sunday night we were feeling ok about the financial side of things but on Monday it was another whirlwind with the top of the chain still threatening to pull out because the bottom of our chain weren't going to be ready in time..
It got to 3pm on Monday afternoon and we decided we would lose our dream house for good if we didn't exchange that afternoon or v early the next morning, cue a mad rush to the bank to transfer a deposit and arrange emergency bridging loans in case the lower chain {a foreign investor who couldn't care less about the rest of us who were all emotionally attached to our new houses by this stage} wouldn't be ready in time with very stubborn solicitors. It was horrendously stressful, my head and chest hurt from the anxiety but by Monday night with the money with our solicitor we were certain it would all be ok. And sure enough on Tuesday it all exchanged! Officially! And the bottom of our chain got their act in gear in the end so we needn't have worried.

The completion date is Tuesday 22nd eeek so the rest of the week has been spent manically packing. My Mum has been amazing and helped us get it all organised, she's chief bubble wrapper. We're about 70% there I'd say, just a load of clothes still to sort and those random bitty bits that I just don't know where to put. We've chucked away a small skip I think and taken loads to the charity shop but we still have so much STUFF. 

Luckily we decided to hire a removal firm at the last minute, we had planned to just hire vans and do it ourselves but there's no way we could do that with three floors, a kitchen island, four sofas, a shed and a truck full of garden plants/pots. So I'm actually looking forward to Tuesday when all our hard work packing will be done and we can sit back and watch the removal men do their thing.

It's all very quick and very surreal. But after nearly losing the new house over the last couple of weeks, we've realised just how much we really really do want it. It's amazing how that puts a different perspective on it all. We haven't had a chance to be sad at all about leaving this place {yet}, we've just been in bubble wrap, boxing and taping mode. I am a little uneasy about all the upheaval over the next few weeks, we're moving into my parents to get the rest of the packing finished {we packed all the kitchen stuff so we can't cook here anymore} and then will spend the next couple of weeks, or however long it takes getting a bedroom, bathroom and the lounge ready before we move in and renovate some other rooms. After our planning permission gets approved we will then move back out for a while to do a kitchen extension on the back. More on that later anyway. But it is all super exciting. Can somebody just help me decide on paint colours now please? 

So I may be a little quiet for a while. I want to get a post up on saying goodbye to this house with some photos I've taken over the past couple of weeks. And of course I'll let you have a nosey at the new place as soon as we get the keys for some before photos! 

Hope you have a good weekend. We're off to The Gallivant tonight {remember this post?} they have newly styled rooms which I'm reviewing for So You're Getting Married. At first we thought it was bad timing with the move but actually we can't wait to get away for a little bit before coming home to finish the packing. Strange times ahead but all very exciting and there's not really anytime to think about it all! It will be Easter next week too and my Birthday! Crazy. 

Back soon, R <3 xx

p.s. some photos of this week, sorry been a bit of a rambling long text heavy post! 

The gorgeous wedding we attended last Saturday at Brockett Hall and we got to see Jeff our Videographer again! 

Super sunny Sunday with my parents and the pup at the Aquadrome, he swam the whole way round.

Some beautiful skies and walks this week. We hoped this pink sunset on Sunday would bring a better week for us and it did! 

Cueing our packing party! Complete with singing to the radio. {Beiber and 60 years old are our favs}. Sorry if you follow me on Snapchat, we probably broke your speakers.

It's all looking so bare.

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  1. Ahhhh Rebecca! I am glad it has worked out in the end! We are moving soon and dreading it!
    Have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you new house!

  2. So glad it all worked out. We are at the very start of the process and our buyers have just messed us around. I was very emotional about my house being up for sale but now I could loose our dream home if we don't find another buyer fast. It kind of put it in perspective about leaving. The whole process is horrible so glad it worked out for you's xx

  3. Glad the house exchange all went through okay in the end sounded like a nightmare! Moving is one of the most stressful things ��



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