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October 01, 2014

I've got so many wedding projects that I'm excited to share with you over the next few weeks, DIY stationery, LOVE lights, wooden sign posts, favours, the list goes on. I truly love all things wedding! Before I post anymore though I thought I'd share our wedding film and talk about videography which will give more of an insight into our day more than I could ever write about.

Unlike a photographer, which is pretty much a given for weddings, a videographer is usually not thought of as a high priority and when I think back, I had never planned to have a videographer from the start. That all changed though as soon as I discovered Jeff Wood Visual's films through a friend's wedding. I was hooked and I mean hooked to his website, sitting with a box of tissues {I challenge you not to shed a tear on at least one of his film's} watching every single trailer and feature film online that he's produced. More like mini films made for cinema compared to your average shaky video footage from a wedding, you can forget that you're watching real people. As much as I loved the videos, we ummed and ahhed for a while trying to decide whether to book Jeff for our own wedding when considering budgets. But in the end it was one of the best decisions that we made and really was worth every penny. A film captures your day so much more than photos ever could. Ben and I had a discussion once that if we had to choose just a photographer or videographer for the day, what would we go for? Ben said video every time as he could sit and watch the video a lot more than looking through photos which is a good point, and other guests are likely to take photos which is also true. I think if I had to choose just one I'd still go for photos to have something more tangible to display and share but of course I'm in love with the video. It's lovely to watch the things that I missed out on the day like the boys getting ready, all the set-up and guests arriving. The whole day just flew by so it really is magical being able to watch it all and take everything in again. It's also lovely to have all of our favourite people on film, especially precious grandparents. Seeing people's emotions and hearing voices is truly special and captures so much. If you're thinking of having a videographer, make sure you meet them first to get a feel for them, they'll be a big part of your wedding day having them follow you around so you want somebody you're comfortable with. Jeff was amazing in the way we almost forgot he was there half the time, it can be off putting for guests if you have a videographer barging in the way the whole time. Also, if you're choosing music my one piece of advice would be to not choose a current top 40 song as it will get overplayed on the radio, you'll get sick of it and the film will seem outdated within 6 months. We left all music choices up to Jeff as we didn't have any specific requests and trusted his judgement after seeing lots of his work. We owe him so much and are so grateful for his amazing work in capturing our wedding day.

We're so thrilled with the finished result and have had so many lovely comments about it, thank you to those who have already seen it and commented after I posted the links on Instagram last month but if you haven't already seen it and want to, you can click play on the videos below or see them online with the feature here and trailer here. There's a shorter 5 minute trailer but I recommend the full feature if you've got time. And if you want to have a teary afternoon watching real life rom-coms, you can see more of Jeff's work here on his website and here on his Vimeo.

{full feature}




R <3 xx

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