Day out - Kew Gardens in the Autumn

October 09, 2014

I love Kew Gardens and always try to go around once a year, usually in the summer. But last October, to celebrate halloween and as part of the IncrEdibles festival, Kew was filled with pumpkins. I love Autumn and all things halloween so one Saturday morning, Ben and I headed to Kew for a wander and ogle at the pumpkin displays.

It was a grey day, brightened up by the colour of the trees turning for autumn but that didn't stop us having a nice morning. We walked all around, visiting the main palm house although it's so humid in there! Not good for your hair… 

Before making our way over to the Waterlily house where all the pumpkins were rumoured to be hiding. 

October is definitely one of my favourite months of the year with the leaves falling and a slight chill in the air to get excited for wearing jumpers and scarves again and to have cosy nights in but before winter really hits in November and we're all sick of being cold and getting up in the pitch black everyday. And there's Halloween which if I'm honest for me is all about the pumpkins.

That's why I loved our visit to Kew so much, hundreds of different types of pumpkins, gourds and squashes all different shapes, sizes and colours stacked up in spectacular displays both inside and out. They must have had huge pumpkin patches to grow that many, I think we were more impressed than the little children running around. 

Inside the Waterlily house was a pyramid of pumpkins which reflected into the dark pool beneath. 

I loved these friendly scarecrows with a pumpkin for a head. They had some intricate carvings going on by specialist artists who had come in for the weekend but we chose to carve ours at home. 

After getting our pumpkin fix for the year, we walked around the grounds some more before heading into nearby Richmond for some lunch and shopping.

I always love a visit to the Wholefoods Market and they had carried on the autumnal, halloween theme with stacks of pumpkins, corn and apples for the fall. We had a burrito from the food market and sat outside Wholefoods at their communal benches watching the leaves fall, it was actually really warm for October on that day.

I love a fun weekend date, especially in Autumn. If Kew have their pumpkins again this year I think we might have to go back! 

R <3 xx

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