Thursday - Afternoon Tea at The Grove

October 23, 2014

I had two hen-party's before I got married, one was your traditional bunny-eared, L plate wearing fun night out with a big group of friends. I'll spare you the photos from that, but the second was slightly more sophisticated with afternoon tea at The Grove Hotel, one of my favourite places with my two bridesmaids and my Mum. This post will be all about cake, scones and peonies. What could be better?

The Grove Hotel is a five star luxury mansion and a member of the leading hotels of the world just five minutes down the road from us. They call themselves London's Country Estate as you're in leafy Hertfordshire but less than 20 miles from London, there's normally somebody famous to see up there whether it's the England football team, Obama or Tiger Woods we've done our fair share of celeb spotting up there. My family and I love the Glasshouse Restaurant {post on that to follow} and the Stables but I'd never had the afternoon tea there before. 

Two of my bestest friends and my lovely Mum organised the treat for me in early May and we had such a lovely afternoon talking about wedding plans and eating scrummy finger sandwiches. You could eat until your heart {or tummy} is content, the sandwiches are all refillable so you keep getting offered more until you're soo full up. We paced ourselves knowing there were cakes and scones still to come. 

The sandwiches were so delicious though, smoked salmon and cream cheese, beef and horseradish, your quintessential cucumber and turkey. My friend is gluten free but this was no problem, she had her own platter on gluten free baked bread and special  cakes and scones! 

Salted caramel eclairs, rhubarb and custard mini tarts, a battenberg square and a cannoli roll filled with creme patisserie and finished with a raspberry. The cakes were all beautiful and tasted heavenly. We didn't need telling twice to tuck in! 

There was also a huge choice of different types of tea on the menu from earl-grey to green and peppermint. Again this was all limitless.

When you've eaten enough cake, you nod to the waiter to bring the scones over. They're served warm so are kept in the kitchen until you request them. A mixture of plain and fruit are served with raspberry jam, lemon curd and clotted cream. Too scrummy. 

Afternoon Tea is served in the old mansion block in the lounges, tastefully decorated rooms with comfy sofas and fresh flowers displayed everywhere and views out on to the courtyard. 

It was peony season when we visited in May, my all time favourite flowers so I was swooning over the displays. 

We finished our tea and took some more photos then headed outside for a walk around the pretty grounds. 

It turned really grey later that afternoon but the gardens are always worth a look around and whatever season are always immaculate. 

I love the old mansion block building which was in a ruinous state before the Grove Hotel restored it with now quirky and elegant interiors. 

Well worth a visit if you're near Hertfordshire for the pretty cakes alone! I'd definitely recommend their afternoon tea and can't wait to share The Glasshouse buffet restaurant with you which really is something else. 

A truly indulgent afternoon, a big thanks to my Mumma, Carolyn and Payvand! And luckily my wedding dress still fitted ;) 

Afternoon Tea is £35 per person and should be reserved up to three months in advance. You can find more information at their website here.

R <3 xx

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