Monday - Family Wedding Gallery Wall

October 27, 2014

I've got a lot of inspiration for our house from my Auntie Karen, her house is a country dream. Literally it could be something out of Country Living magazine and I always love going to stay with her for the weekend, she couldn't have children so always says I'm like her surrogate daughter. In her hallway upstairs she has a collection of family wedding photographs through the ages and I loved the idea when I first saw it a few years ago. Ben and I are close with both sides of our families so wanted to recreate the idea in our hallway. 

We visited our grandparents and asked to look through their wedding albums and family trees, much to their delight. I love Grandparent's stories and it was so lovely to spend time thinking about their weddings and see how things have changed through the years. The dresses are my favourite to look at, my great grandma's both wore crowns on their wedding days. 

The photos range from the early twentieth century to the mid twentieth, vintage classic photos with a true love story behind them and our family history. There were so many lovely photos to choose from but we just wanted one of each set of grandparents and great-grandparents. We scanned in pages of their wedding albums and then cropped the photos using Microsoft Paint and got them printed {Costco is actually my favourite place to get photos printed if you're a member there}. We also included our parents wedding photos which were more recent {in the 80s and 1990} and were photographed in colour so we turned them black and white to tie in with the rest. 

I ordered a couple of different sets of these black wooden frames to hang in our new hallway after the building work was finished. Whenever I'm creating a gallery wall, I set the frames out on the floor first to arrange the layout and spacing and then mark out on the wall with a pencil before getting Ben to drill any holes. That way you can make sure you're happy with the display before you've got a hole in the wall that you might later regret. 

I've had so many lovely comments from people who have come in and seen the photos and I love coming down the stairs and seeing the gallery with our family love stories on the wall.

An easy project to personalise your home with a story behind it. 

R <3 xx

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  1. Great post - what a lovely way to remember special family times.
    I love your stairs, did you have the carpet made to order? We're carpet shopping right now for our stairs (which are currently painted) and I'm trying to convice my husband into having a runner with bars, any tips / sources you could share would be very much appreciated. Thanks again Rebecca - such a lovely blog, always enjoy my lunch time read, xxx

    1. Thanks so much, good luck with the stairs we got our runner and metal fixings from ebay then our local carpet shop fitted it. Will do a blog post on it soon xx

  2. I was recently here and this is an amazing place for a wedding. I got a little carried away with the open bar at Wedding location in Chicago. An open bar allows you to like any sort of music, even the most awful. Anyway, for those of you thinking to marry, this is the perfect spot.


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