Happy Weekend #9 {and hello March!}

March 04, 2016

Hey there Friday! In some ways it's felt like you've been a long time coming this week but in others the days have just zoomed by and I've struggled to find the time to breathe!! Have you've had a good week? A little weekly round up below.. 
This week has been pretty intense. We're off to pick up a new car this afternoon which while super exciting, has taken up soo much of my time in trying to get rid of my current one! I won't bore you with the details but there have been numerous trips to We Buy Any Car, local garages, hours spent on the phone to the insurance company. Nothing is ever simple is it. And don't even mention moving house to me, we have a date for completion as I mentioned last week but due to the council taking ages to grant a right of way over a verge at the front of the new house we're buying, we still haven't exchanged!! Obviously they're such first world problems/middle class nightmares which makes you feel even worse for stressing over them but numerous things have been so frustrating this week I've felt like smashing my head against a brick wall at times.

Anyway, aside from all the phone calls and emails I've had a couple of nice work afternoons out, one in London for John Lewis weddings and one out at Bicester Village for a Lily Vanilli cake baking bridal event which were both lots of fun. And also very costly as I ended up walking past the Primark on Tottenham Court Road and of course being in Bicester Village I couldn't resist a look round the shops... Ooops. In return for buying a few new bits, the agreement was to clear out some of my old clothes from my wardrobe. We're meant to be scaling down the amount of 'stuff' we have before we start packing up to move house. So I took a big bag to the charity shop! Maybe I need a 'one in, one out' rule. 

So, some highlights:

Hello March: Already?! 3rd month of the year already?!! Why can't time slow down like it always used to? But at least the days are getting longer, the clocks will go back by the end of the month plus Easter and my Birthday will be celebrated this month. I'm looking out for some Spring lambs as everything seems to have sprung up recently.

What I've bought this week:  Basically everything from Primark. Although I never try anything on in store so now I have a big back waiting to be returned. What I did keep though was a beautiful rucksack for summer bike rides {we're off to France in the summer so it will be perfect for cycling there}, a few summery vest tops, a polka dot dress, swimwear cover ups and a stripey linen shirt. Primark is always very hit or miss for me so I was so surprised at just how many lovely, actually flattering things they had in store! Also a new car, woop woop! We actually ordered it back in November I think it was but it had a 6 month waiting list. Ben and I have traded both of our current cars in to have just one between us, he has a work 'van' so has hardly driven his car, it made more sense to just have a joint one instead that's a bit bigger and nicer. We've gone for a Discovery Sport in Navy with a cream interior. Probably not a very practical colour but I feel like in that kind of car you want something totally impractical! Skoda gal no more! And it should do us for the next few years with kids and maybe a dog at some point.

Talking of dogs, Riley went home to my parents on Wednesday and the house has felt so empty without him. A lot cleaner than when he was here with mucky paws but less fun and snuggly! I'm seriously thinking of getting our own pup but I feel like I'd be cheating on Riley? And we do go away fairly often so that's the main sticking point for us right now. To be decided upon! What do you think?? 

What's made me happy this week: sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. Today is a beautiful day. We've been out in the garden planting sweet pea seeds and the sun is surprisingly warm when you're out of the cold wind. I dried our bedding out in the fresh air for the first time this year yesterday. But the rest of the country has snow!! Crazy old England. Also feeling so strong from new exercise classes, over the Winter I felt so blah for a while with colds each week and feeling tired. This week I've felt energised and actually really started enjoying working out again. 

What I've cooked this week: A kind of fajita chicken bowl dinner with brown rice, grilled chicken, peppers and onions with black beans, salsa and cheese. Also a salmon stir-fry with brown rice seaweed noodles, bit boring perhaps but we hadn't had it for weeks and it tasted soo good. 

Other things of note: Not packing a single thing up until we actually exchange on the new house, yawnnn but I imagine things are going to start getting a bit crazy around here pretty soon. I've been taking some proper photos of the house this week before it all gets covered in packing tape and boxes. 

This weekend: It's Mother's Day on Sunday! My brother is coming home for the weekend so we're all going out for lunch on Sunday and it will be a family full weekend. We might go and start looking at sofas and lighting for the new house but if it's snows then I think we'll stay home and build a snowman! I hope it doesn't though, I just want warmer weather now. Also we've started our eBay missions again for the new house so we've got some trips to make to pick the new purchases up. All will be revealed soon I hope! 

{Wild at Heart Blossom at Bicester Village}
{Brunch goals. Soho House Farmshop at Bicester!}
{Want that floor!!}
{Sunlight and chilling the hell out}

{Friyay, fresh flowers and happy days}

{My Lily Vanilli cakes and learning how to crystallise flowers. Blog post on SYGM up next week}

{Hurry up daffodils, we want you to bloom before we have to move you!}

Have a lovely weekend, back with seed planting posts next week.

R <3 xx

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