Friday Catch Up and Sunny Autumnal Scenes from Last Weekend..

September 30, 2016

Friday already?! Wow that week went fast!! I mean, it may have something to do with the fact we spent two dreamy dreamy days of it at Soho Farmhouse {and had two of the funnest days ever, can't wait to blog the photos soon}, but yay for the weekend rolling around again. I'm sat here on the sofa warm from the last of the September sunshine. We've been so lucky with this Autumn weather so far. I'm loving the sunlit days and cosy dark candlelit evenings. I think it may just be my favourite time of the year.
And October starts tomorrow, time for all things pumpkins, changing leaves and the start of jumper and boot wearing. I haven't worn a coat yet this year either, I'm yet to decide if I need a new one {probably not, make that want a new one} or to just stick with my old faithfuls. So far if I've been cold I've just worn a cosy cardigan or poncho type knit. Anddd I'm still in sandals, yes it's still that warm. Ok so enough about fashion, what I wanted to share was my first ever video! I've been on a film course as I'm going to start making honeymoon videos for clients when I go away for So You're Getting Married. This is a practice from our trip to Corfu a few weeks back. I still have a long way to go with both shooting and editing but I'm excited to have actually made something! Let me know what you think, the music is by my favs - Mumford & Sons. I'll always be more of a photo kind of girl rather than video but video does just capture so much more.

Corfu on Vimeo.

Some photos below from last weekend. I wanted to do a separate post on these but this week has got away from me so better late than never. Last Saturday we went to Hampstead and it felt like we were back in summer for the day. We walked across the Heath, stopped at the Farmer's Market, marvelled at the gorgeous gardens and orchard at Fenton House {I bought Ben a national trust membership for his birthday} and then had pizza sat in the sunshine! I love day dates and old favourite places to visit. Ben and I have been to Hampstead ever since we met so it always feels special. On Sunday we stayed at home and had family come over {Ben's Uncle is visiting from Australia} and then I cooked us risotto using allotment squashes. Also can we talk about Bridget Jones?!!! I went to see it with my girlfriends and oh my gosh it's the best film ever. We laughed and laughed and just loved every minute. Have you seen it??

Allotment grown! Beat that Farmer's Market.

So now onto this weekend. I'm still not feeling 100% so we're staying home tonight with dinner and good TV like the Fall to catch up on. Tomorrow we're going out for brunch to say both goodbye and Happy Birthday to family and on Sunday if the forecast is right, enjoying the sunshine.

Have a good one. Back with food posts, another room makeover and Soho Farmhouse pics soon!

R <3 xx

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