Happy First Weekend of Autumn.. {and all things apples}

September 23, 2016

{the cutest new addition to the kitchen, I adore this new copper pan}
Hello Friday! It's been forever since I wrote one of these weekend/week round up posts. But this weekend deserves to be celebrated because after a week of feeling really quite under the weather {the first cold of the season has really knocked me for six}, I'm starting to feel much better and I'm so excited for a chilled out weekend with my love. We have nowhere in particular to be so can just see what we feel like doing. I'm hoping to sleep in after a few nights of broken sleep and a busy week. And also HELLO AUTUMN. After what felt like an endless summer with hot sunny days, I'm really loving the darker cosier nights with new jumpers to wear, new throws to snuggle up under and all the apples and pumpkins that this season brings. The light has been amazing this week as the sun gets lower and the trees start to almost glow.

This week, after getting over and cleaning up from our housewarming party, it's been a mixture of feeling a bit blah with some good bits thrown in too. Monday was a day for knuckling down to catch up on work and emails before going to a new ballet Barre class and then coming back for a surprise candlelit bath. I think that's when I first started feeling really poorly! On Tuesday I was up early to head into London for brunch meetings for some So You're Getting Married stuff. I felt awful that day and pretty sure that I got flashed driving through a box junction with crawling traffic which really annoyed me all day {and the moment the post drops through the door ever since!}. Had a yummy brunch at the Ivy Market Grill and then a quick stop at Liberty on the way home which cheered me up. 

In the evening we had a family dinner at Prime to say goodbye to my brother before he went back to his final year of uni. Such amazing food and a really lovely evening before I cried that I'm going to miss him after spending lots of time with him this summer. On Wednesday I went to reformer pilates and met some friends for lunch before admitting defeat and realising that I needed to stay curled up on the sofa doing some work and getting better rather than thinking I could beat it by going out all the time... Also new phone arrived! It was time to upgrade my contract after having the 5s for the last couple of years. I was about to order the 6s before realising at the very last minute that the 7 was exactly the same price! It was a no brainer and without evening reading about it just decided to go for it. I've changed networks to get more data so it's been a faff switching my number over but I'm loving it so far especially for the camera. Haven't worked out the headphones yet. 

Yesterday {Thursday} Riley and I were invited on a photoshoot which will be revealed soon. He was such a good boy and I'm so pleased to have some new photos with him to treasure, dogs are definitely a man's best friend and I adore that pup. Yesterday afternoon my Mum and I decided to tackle the apple glut in her mini orchard, see below! And now it's Friday and gorgeously sunny. I think I've bored you all enough with photos from the week on my Instagram and story this week so I thought I'd share some photos of apple picking at the weekend. It's crumble season my lovelies!!  

My parents have a mini orchard in their back garden and the trees this year are laden down with apples. From now onwards I'll be making this crumble probably close to every other weekend until Spring! The only faff to it is preparing the apples so my Mum and I took some time yesterday to start a production line, peeling, chopping and microwaving to stew them down ready to freeze and use for puddings. It didn't take as long as we thought it would and we've now got a freezer ready for cosy weekend puds. Apples {and crumbles} are my very favourite.

I've discovered the new Chef range from M&S and I'm so in love with the copper pans {here} in particular. This would be perfect for custard {or y'know just looking cute in a kitchen!}. I've always wanted a set of copper pans, apart from looking pretty they also heat and cook extra fast, the copper conducting and distributing the heat evenly.  

The mini roasting tray is adorable too, perfect for an individual pudding or serving some veg.

Autumn delights.

I really should make an apple cake or something with the rest. Maybe this weekend.

Have a lovely one. I've been taking photos of our bedroom this afternoon for the first Project House full makeover post which will be coming soon. And I need to write an update with all things dining room/spare room/extension news!

R <3 xx 

{This post was in association with M&S, I was sent products to review but as always, would never ever promote anything that I didn't truly love. It's just not my style and wouldn't be much fun} 

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