Second Blogiversary

September 02, 2016

Happy Birthday Roses & Rolltops! Two whole years of writing this blog? And a whole year since I wrote this post on the one year birthday. In some ways it feels like it should be older than that, I can't remember a time before having this blog. But in others, time has gone by in a flash. I'm so grateful for all those who have been reading since the very start along with those who have just recently started. It's so rewarding to have such a supportive space {and an extension of my Instagram} where I can document such big parts of my life, house renovations, travel adventures, favourite photos and memories to look back on. Your comments and conversations are always truly lovely to read and I love the discussions and almost friendships that have formed through having this along with Instagram. I always love to hear from you and feel so touched when I get messages or emails. 

The blog had it's first major redesign this year which I'm still really pleased with. I've struggled with having enough time for blogging recently, partly because it's summer and I'd always rather be outside than on my laptop when the sun is shining, but also because the house has taken up so much of our lives! The house move and works has by far been the biggest part of this year for us. I'm hoping now that the autumn and winter are approaching I'll have more time to put finger to keyboard and start sharing the full house makeover posts along with lots more. I've had some requests for posts which I'll work my way through so feel free to get in touch with your feedback on which posts you liked the best/what you'd like to see more of.

There are some exciting things coming up, Rock My Style will be here to photograph our house project so far in a couple of weeks {remember when they visited our old house?}. And while I continue to work for and love So You're Getting Married with events and travel/honeymoon blogger partnerships, it's nice to be recognised in my own right for new mini partnerships with Roses & Rolltops too if it's the right fit. I think it's worth noting how many opportunities I turn down. I'm just not interested in commercialising this blog or featuring anything that I don't truly love. This is my space, I'm incredibly fussy and I've always gone about writing this blog for me and only me. If brands happen to approach me that are the right fit then there's a chance that I'll work with them but as always I'll declare if a post has been sponsored or endorsed. Personally I love reading a handful of my favourite blogs but always feel slightly disappointed at the sponsored posts you can see straight through, they're boring and can be misleading.

So thank you as ever for reading my ramblings and looking through my hundreds upon hundreds of snaps {I really need to work on taking, and posting, fewer photos!}.  

Like last year, I've put together a look back at some of my favourite, and some of the most popular posts below if you're in a blog reading mood. I'm taking a week off and heading to somewhere in the Greek Islands. Back soon! 

All of the interior/project house posts here including:
Everything garden related here including:
Personal musings and end of the week talks here including:
Days out around London and the rest of the UK here including:

Thank you so much to all you lovelies for reading, here's to next year! And whatever the future may hold. 

R <3 xx 

p.s. if I don't have quite as much time for blogging, you can be sure that I'll always find the time for a little bit of Instagramming! Find me over at @rvk_loves. 

{The Bahamas <3}
{Valentine's Day at Columbia Road Flower Market}
{A magical evening in Rome}
{Roses in Tuscany <3}
{Dreamy days on the Ile de Re}

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  1. Hi Rebecca,
    Would you be able to share with us the blogs you read? Sure if you like them we all will too!
    Helen xx


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