Pumpkin Carving {and drilling} Tips

October 29, 2015

Today is, finally, pumpkin carving day! It's been a ritual every year since I can remember, although this year I quite like the pumpkins just as they are. Do I really need to carve them at all?! I might do a couple and leave a few whole. I've learnt some new tricks over the years as to keeping them fresh and different ways to carve them:

1. It's better if you cut a hole in the bottom rather than the top of the pumpkin. You don't notice the line but also it stops it going mouldy half as fast and it caving in on itself.

2. You can then carve out of the bottom space for a tealight to sit in. {photos below probably make more sense}.

3. I normally only carve mine a couple of days ahead of Halloween but a couple of you on Instagram shared some good tips to keep them fresh for over a week by carving them, washing them out with icy cold water and then let them dry and spray with some bleach to keep the mould at bay.

4. When using a knife to cut out shapes, line it up to your design and then press backwards on it for a more controlled shape.

5. Get creative and use different methods of carving. I'm charging up Ben's drill to make a lantern using different sized holes that shine a pretty light through. I mark out the holes first using a pen and then drill through. And I'll probably go for stars again - erring on the pretty rather than scary!

6. Battery tea lights will last a lot longer, and stop your pumpkin burning, compared to proper candles although the light isn't quite the same with them.

7. I've seen some amazing painted pumpkins this year and designs then painted on top rather than carving them at all. And of course the pumpkins as flower vases look amazing too!

Have you decided on your designs yet? I hope that the video below works from last year's pumpkin carving, I don't think I've ever added a video on the blog before.

Press play:

R <3 xx

{p.s. One week until Bonfire night! I love this time of year}

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