Last year's spooky Halloween Party

October 30, 2015

I'd forgotten what an amazing Halloween my friends and I had last year. We hadn't had a halloween party in years so wanted to all dress up and get in the spirit. A few photos, with some costume inspiration if you'd like to see... {including the best pub garden}

My friend Sophie hosted us all at her house before we went on a village pub crawl. One pub in particular goes mad for halloween and even sets up a fake graveyard in the garden complete with a mist machine to make it feel extra spooky.

We all dressed up. I was a skeleton with a costume from Aldi of all places! My friend Molly though who cracks me up had the best dress-up as a pirate with a blow up parrot on her shoulder. I still laugh thinking about her walking in. And a bloody blue Mr Bump was good too!

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