Happy Weekend #43

October 23, 2015

This week has been full of pumpkins! I feel like it should be Halloween this weekend already. Anyway, hello Friday. As per usual this week has flown by. It's been just how I wanted it to be, quiet in a sense of staying home {with no trips away or to London} but busy enough not to be boring. I've caught up with friends, caught up on work and gone crazy for autumn leaves. I'm looking forward to this weekend, we haven't quite decided what to do tomorrow but a lay-in is needed for sure! And then dinner at Ben's brothers tomorrow evening followed by heading to Brighton on Sunday to visit my baby Bro - we're taking the pup! We also need to plant some tulips, we ran out of time for bulb planting last weekend. Also the clocks change this weekend, I'll be glad for slightly lighter mornings and don't mind the darker evenings so much. Although it will be dark by about 5! Have a lovely weekend, planning to blog a few interior bits next week as well as all things Halloween! {and pumpkins of course} R <3 xx
Photos after the jump.

{Riley loves the leaves almost as much as I do}
{Stocked up the log baskets although they've been depleted already since I took this on Wednesday!}
{All the leaves are brown..}
{Dark nights = all the candles}
{I was in awe of this pumpkin farm! On the blog next week}
{Orange jewels}
{Autumnal hedgerows and a happy pup}
{An updated mantelpiece. Pumpkins and antlers}
{Tonight's plan, dinner, ice cream, fire}

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