A very Autumnal feeling weekend. Hampstead Farmer's Market Pumpkins, Pretty Houses and a Perfect Sunday.

October 06, 2015

As I said back in this post, we so needed just a regular weekend at home without any firm commitments or stress or travel. Of course I love going away but home is always where the heart is. And this weekend we did just that, I think it was our best in a long while. And so perfectly autumnal. Some photos {of a trip to Hampstead for the farmers market, a long Sunday walk with the pup and a roast at home} if you'd like to see. 

Saturday morning was misty, the first time we hadn't woken up to sunshine in about a fortnight. But it was a novelty to actually wear boots and wrap up for it. We decided to head to Hampstead anyway despite the lack of sunshine as we wanted to visit the Farmer's Market at Parliament Hill. We pretty much followed this route for a walk, we park at the very top of the Heath and then walk down past Kenwood House {which looked spooky} against the mist, past the ponds and then down to Parliament Hill and the Farmer's Market.

The start of all the crisp crunchy leaves to scrunch through and autumn colours on the Heath.

We'd been to the farmer's market back in the summer when it was full of cherries and strawberries. This time the main attractions were pumpkins, autumn squashes, apples and dahlias. Autumn's delights.

So much more fun than a trip to the supermarket. Then we walked back across the heath towards Hampstead this time past some of my favourite roads full of beautiful houses. This one had a front garden full of Dahlias. Then up to Hampstead High Street for a browse of the shops and cafes.

We couldn't decide what we wanted for lunch. Until we remembered about our favourite Pizza East just down from Highgate in Kentish Town. And then we remembered that it has a Dirty Burger there which we've always been meaning to try. It's all owned by Soho House so imagine burgers but in a way which has a Cowshed Sink in the burger shack for you to wash your hands after. And posh magazines to read as you eat.. Then it was home for an afternoon at the allotment as the sun came out and then we lit a fire ready to watch the Rugby. Which was of course hugely disappointed. 

On Sunday we woke up to sunshine so off it was with the pup to Chipperfield Common for a walk. And the first time wearing my new wellies. I've been scared to get them muddy. I have both a purple and a black pair which get chucked in anything, they seem like colours which suit mud. I don't think that red is a very practical welly colour?! But I love them nonetheless.

Riley is always happiest when out on a walk. As am I when it's a lovely day.

Such a beautiful morning and walk. Autumn we love you. And it's still such a novelty at the moment for it to feel a bit cold and have to wear your warmer clothes. I'm sure in a few weeks/months we'll be wishing Spring would roll around.

We're very rarely at home on our own for dinner on a Sunday. It's usually dinner with my parents or at Ben's Mum's or out somewhere. So this was a rare treat, I wouldn't want to cook a roast every Sunday but when I do it feels so cosy. We roasted a chicken with allotment veg, including these homegrown rainbow carrots. And then had our first crumble of the season. Recipe of which I posted here.

I'm sure next Sunday will be a complete contrast with walks on the beach for us instead! But for now we treasured this weekend at home. Roll on the rest of Autumn and Winter!

R <3 xx 

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