Autumn Style Update.

October 07, 2015

I've been meaning to write this post for a while, it's been requested a few times so here we go. Some of my favourite essentials for the Autumn and Winter. For my 21st Birthday my Auntie bought me a lesson in having my colours 'read' with House of Colour, mine came out as Autumn so deep maroons, greens and camel suit me best. As such I go crazy at this time of year.
- Boots. All day everyday. These Chelsea Boots are from Next and I wear them nearly everyday until Springtime. They go with skinny jeans - either black or a dark denim just as well as they go with tights. I had a pair last year that I practically wore to death. I also have orthotics in my shoes to help my back so they fit well in here and they're comfortable enough to walk all over London.

- Wellies. Hunters obviously. I've just got a new pair of red ones this year from this website. Just make sure you wear enough pairs of socks to keep your feet warm in them.

- A Camel Coat. I've had a beloved H&M camel coat for the past two winters but it's gone too bobbly to keep wearing for another year. So this year I've got a new one from H&M for looking nice as well as a more everyday warm camel coat with a big hood from Uniqlo for walking the dog/nipping to the shops etc. {frustratingly it's now disappeared from the website, I only ordered it a few weeks back}. For days when it's not too cold but a bit rainy I have an old faithful Jack Wills rain Mac that I bought in the sale a few years back. It has a hood too which is a bonus.

- Big thick blanket scarves to snuggle up in. Accessorize, Zara and New Look have proved me well this year.

- Capes - I've got three that I'm alternating depending on my outfit at the moment. They're perfect for this time of year when it's not cold enough to need a coat but you need something when you go out. I have a camel one from Next, a Maroon patterned one from Primark and a Black Chevron one from Fat Face.

- Gloves - Need to buy. Normally Accessorize or Primark. Likewise for a hat, I need a new cream bobble hat this year.

- Jumpers. H&M are my favourite ever for jumpers. I like the oversized ones that come in such a range of wools and colours, some thick, some thin. Perfect for layering and teaming plain colours with scarves or necklaces and jeans.

- Plaid Shirts. Uniqlo and H&M, enough said.

- Dresses. I bought a few in the Monsoon sale this year, thick embellished or patterned dresses for tights and boots. Primark and Topshop normally have some good ones too.

- Jeans - M&S is my favourite place to buy both jeans and jeggings. Don't ask me why but now I've found a winning formula there's no way in a million years I'm going jeans shopping again anytime soon.

- Jewellery - Accessorize always has my vote for sparkly necklaces. I don't wear many in the summer but go crazy at this time of year, especially with Christmas coming up.

- Dark Nails - Chanel Accessoire is one of my favourite shades for this time of year along with deep reds and taupes. I tend to get Shellac nearly all the time these days and they have some gorgeous rich colours.

- Scent - I change my scent depending on the seasons. At the moment Jo Malone's Blackberry and Bay is winning the day.

- Thick snuggly PJs - Primark all day long. Likewise for slipper socks.

- Bag and Purse. I'm a Mulberry girl at heart. I won't bore you with my favourites unless you're interested??

What else have I missed?? Jumpers, tights, the odd skirt, plaid shirts, jeans, boots, scarves, gloves and coats should keep us cosy! Have you bought anything nice recently??

R <3 xx

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  1. I love this post, Rebecca! It inspired me to paint my nails a dark mulberry colour and I'll be in search of a thick blanket scarf this weekend. Thanks for posting. Becky xx


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