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October 27, 2015

Whatever the occasion, and season, I love to add a few little bits around the house to reflect the time of year. Whether it's hearts and pink accents for Valentine's Day or cute bunny rabbits for Easter, it's fun to change things up for a couple of weeks. This week of course is Halloween so the house is full of pumpkins, munchkins, gourds and squashes as well as some yummy ghoulish inspired treats {no tricks around here!}. I don't go mad on spider webs or skeletons hanging in the window, although I probably will do when we have children, but I find the pumpkins are more than enough to get into the spirit of it all. It's almost time to carve them, post to follow on that. But for now, a few photos of halloween {and autumn} around our home. 

Since the start of October, gourds and squashes have begun to creep in. I adore the colours and they look so good scattered around the house, subtle enough to blend in. 

A mini pumpkin {purchased from the pumpkin patch} is in the front lounge taking pride of place on the fireplace and some antlers from Kempton Antiques which feel appropriate for this time of year.

The kitchen is where most of the action takes place, I've got them on the shelf above the cooker, on the kitchen table, the island and around the sink! 

Warty ones, big round traditional orange along with the mini and those beautiful green crown-prince which I can't wait to cook with after the weekend. I've also filled up an old french jar with some halloween chocolates {and have to stop myself from eating the whole jar, how come chocolate tastes so much better as these little things rather than as a big bar?!} for trick or treaters or if our little nephews come round. 

Trick-or-treat! Do you give things out on halloween night?? Last year I was out at a party but the years before that we normally put lit pumpkins out for a while, and then quickly get bored of having to jump up to answer the door every few minutes. But it's all in the spirit of it I guess and as a child I used to LOVE trick or treating. Growing up, we used to live on an amazing road for it with houses going all out with the decorations. 

The real stars of the show though are these halloween cookies by Nila Holden. They'd be perfect for to give as a present {although these are all mine!} for all ages. I ordered some of her cookies for Valentine's Day and they taste even better than they look!

I think the ghost is my favourite! But I love the pumpkin on a stick too. They came in a cute trick-or-treat bag and were beautifully wrapped. 

Halloween is so fun don't you think?? We'll go for a spooky walk around the village at the weekend to see all the houses dressed up. This time last year we were in New York where they go alll out! 

Now to fuel up on sugar and get on with carving at some point this week! 

R <3 xx 

{Thanks to the lovely Nila Holden for these cookies. You can find her online shop on Not On The High Street here. As always all views are my own and I'd never promote something I didn't love}

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  1. Hi Rebecca. Thank you so much for taking part in Styling the Seasons and your October/Halloween decorations look fab! x


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