Happy Weekend #40

October 02, 2015

{This week, this weather. The best. October. Hello Friday}
What a gorgeous week! Chilly misty mornings and evenings but the clearest blue skies and hot sunny days. I'm a bit late writing this post today, the sunshine has thrown me. I gathered up some girls and we moved our Friday night pub date to this afternoon so we could sit and enjoy the sunshine. I probably should have been getting on with some work but that's for rainy days.

So this week we went to view a house, I don't think we're moving but are still pondering it over. Houses like the one we viewed rarely come up in our village so whilst we don't need to move now it would be securing it for the future. I don't know. Is that a good reason to move? I love our current house and although we will have to move at some point when bubbas come along, I just can't face months of renovations right now. We'll see.

Anyway apart from that this week has flown. I always say that but this one has. I had an event in trendy Shoreditch on Tuesday evening for SYGM which was lovely and I went to meet a friend for lunch in Covent Garden yesterday and had my haircut. Along with catching up on some blog work, emails and the usual stuff. And now it's Friday already. This weekend we were meant to be at a wedding in France which we regrettably had to cancel, it's just too much travelling on top of a work trip to the ... Caribbean {!!} early next week. Sometimes you just need a weekend at home without many plans at all. So we're planning just that, maybe a little trip somewhere nearby and a nice walk with the pup but other than that it's heaven that we have nowhere that we need to be, nothing we need to do {apart from pack and sort some garden plants out!}. So that will be our weekend. Boring to some, but after weeeks of manic plans, I can't wait to just relax. Cornwall photos will be up next week as long as some of my new favourite buys for the autumn. Requests always welcome. A few of you would like to see more of the hallway after the antler hook photos so that's in the pipeline.

Have a good one whatever you have planned.

R <3 xx

{Autumnal displays, nature in the home}
{Amazed at how long the garden is going on for this year!}
{Officially autumn with our first few fires!}
{Found a place for the antler hooks}
{Blackberries ripe for picking. Time to make a crumble this Sunday I think}
{Pumpkins and squashes everywhere. I love October}
{Too early?! I blame Pinterest and Instagram} 
{Cosy girls dinner last Saturday}
{London in the sunshine}

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